Chinese plank is making its way into most people’s workout routines. What difference is it carrying that makes it better than the standard planks or another exercise? Planks have been known to work best for a firm posture, building core strength, improving balance, etc. The real bummer here is that you have to use your forearms and hands with standard planks, which many people find painful.

In Chinese plank, your shoulders and feet rest on an elevated object eradicating the need for hands or forearms and saving you from any pain. You gain the same results with Chinese planks as a standard plank. The only exception here is that these planks are not ideal for someone who wants to build more muscle. Those new to strength training can build muscle with the bodyweight Chinese plank. However, soon they will have to make it more difficult or turn to another exercise.


This article will learn why a Chinese plank can make a huge difference.

Chinese Plank and its Benefits

One of the things that the covid pandemic has taught us is that it is extremely crucial to know about the at-home workouts. While there are a lot of easy exercises you can start with as a beginner adding Chinese plank to it will only do you a favor. Read below all the benefits of a Chinese plank which are strong enough to convince you to add this to your daily workout routine.

It can Strengthen Your Muscles

Everyone loves strong muscles. Start strengthening your muscle with a Chinese plank if you are a beginner. It can be very helpful to add some more strength to your muscle. Later, you can move on to some other workouts to achieve bulky muscles.

Helps with Weight Loss

The next advantage a Chinese plank withhold is quite obvious. Yes, it can help you to lose some extra pounds. And being completely honest here, it can work far better than other daily exercises. The reason is that a Chinese plank requires more energy than standard workouts. The extra muscle mass will be responsible for burning additional calories. If weight loss is your priority, we recommend moving on to some better exercises.

It is a Mood Enhancer

Many people believe that yoga and meditation are the only physical activities to improve your moods. However, a Chinese plank can also increase the production of dopamine and serotonin chemicals in your brain, also known as happy chemicals. People who do Chinese plank reports that they feel better.

It May Prevent or Make Back Pain Less Severe

The majority of people have been found to struggle with back pain nowadays. It is either because of constantly sitting in front of laptops and computers in workplaces or for other reasons we don’t know. You can treat your back pain with Chinese planks and other core strengthening exercises. These are profound treatments to help reduce or prevent back pains. Keep in mind to always consult an expert before you start doing your planks, as a little carelessness might lead to some serious issues.

Improves Posture

It is becoming common to round your upper back and shoulders while using phones, computers, or knitting. It will play an ideal role in ruining your posture. By doing Chinese planks, you can get rid of this problem.

Sleep Booster

Good sleep can solve half of life and body issues. Everyone loves a day when they sleep well enough the previous night. Workouts like Chinese planks can improve and regulate the duration and quality of your sleep pattern.

Reduces the Effects of Aging

Have you ever heard that exercising slows down aging? As we age, our body starts to work differently, and if we don’t do something about it, it will go down a negative road. A Chinese plank is known to slow down certain aging factors that will, in turn, save you from early aging and negative health effects.

Bottom Line

There you go with all the convincing miracles of Chinese planks. Knowing how one small change can make a big difference is mind-blowing. You can add one activity to your routine and get so many important benefits is amazing. Even if some exercises are more pleasing for some of these benefits than Chinese planks, it is still better to start with something than nothing.

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