Here are different ways and tools to cope with stressful times

Catching up with professional mental health therapist as well as mental health coach Sayo Ohmura and Kazuya Yamashita, to reflect on how people can adopt different behaviours and actions in order to cope with stressful times.

Could you share with us “Things you value in conducting a therapy session?”

Sayo Ohmura:

What I value most is my client’s transformation. While both Right-brain approach and left-brain approach are required. Make sure to conduct my therapy sessions with well-balanced approach.

And not to mention, what is important to me is, that I truly believe in the changes of my client.

Kazuya Yamashita:

One of the most important aspects of counseling is to me that I pay special attention to the timing and flow of the counseling session. For example, there are many counseling sessions that is dedicated to releasing mental blocks, but if the person has not yet finished learning, I may ask the person to change the session to the next time because the mental block is not yet removed. In many cases, the timing of my removal of the mental block is inevitable and synchronous.

Could you please share 3 Simple Ways people can cope with Stress this year?

Sayo Ohmura:

I would say Movement, Laughter and Meals In order to get through our current climate, it is important for people be able to enjoy those three activities in a daily basis We recommend that you work on this.

When it comes to exercise, is walking or aerobic exercise is quite beneficial.

For those who do not prefer excessive exercise I will definitely recommend an activity such as singing a song.

You can also strike a pose and word out loud “Yes!”, especially adding movement such as raising your hand while wording the words is beneficial.

Additionally, sleeping well at night is another important behaviour to pay attention to, just many more ways and activities you can incorporate into your daily lives.

Kazuya Yamashita:

In our daily lives, we are often constrained by work, school, and other commitments, and we tend to give priority to our thoughts.

To live as your true self means to be honest with yourself.

So I will definitely recommend for people to try and value their own true feelings that lies deeper than their thoughts and make a healthy decision based on that.

Gratitude will be another way to help you navigate your wellbeing. A sense of lack that is currently common amongst people I believe is unhealthy state of mind. By saying thank you and other words of gratitude to yourself first, and by cherishing and paying attention to your own emotions, it will be easier for positive things to happen in reality.

What can parents do for a healthy family life?

Sayo Ohmura:

I think that respecting the child’s personality is one of the important things to remember. Rather than forcing children to take you’re desired action, it may bring more closeness if you as parents could decide to learn more about your children and thus allows parents to practice healthy communication.

Kazuya Yamashita:

Some children are hesitant to attend schools. Your child has his or her own reasons for wanting to refuse to go to school, and it crucial that parents listen closely in order to identify the real reason behind their children’s motive and work to understand those feelings.

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