Planning your cannabis garden to get a head start on the outdoor growing season, roughly runs from March to November (depending on where you live), and it’s always exciting to cultivate your own seed and harvest your grown, hard-earned marijuana.

However, navigating the cannabis seed market can be challenging when states have different degrees of legality. Some sites that have been thoroughly vetted and proved to deliver a good seed shopping experience can be stopped by customs, or permanently blocked.

In order to lessen your worries and solve your dilemma, think of us as your one stop guide to collate over facts about the types of cannabis seeds for sale. Shopping at the dispensary might slower not be convenient to some, so we’re here, encouraging our fellow cannabis family members to use search bar, find that listing and buy cannabis seeds online.

Large variety of the best cannabis strains from the most respected international cannabis seedbanks. Choose the right weed seeds for you to try!


The most trusted seed bank that offers Premium Cannabis Seeds for over 8 years. They’ve got a wide selection of high-quality premium marijuana seeds like the White Widow, Lowryder, Cheese, Northern Lights and Skunk strains. From different seed types including Regular cannabis seeds, Feminized cannabis seeds, Autoflowering cannabis seeds and High CBD marijuana seeds for medical use, Mary Jane’s cannabis seeds have high germination rates and have different categories of marijuana seeds that are perfect for indoor and outdoor growing. Get your marijuana fast kicking, with cheap, safest and fastest shipping transaction.


A large variety of the best cannabis strains from the most respected international cannabis seedbanks is what Herbies Seeds sell. Feminized, regular and autoflower seeds, you can definitely shop these in singles or seed packs. Approximately 5–8 days U.S. shipments, you can receive your FREE Cannabis seeds too! Your seeds will be concealed in merchandise. For maximum confidentiality, opt for the stealth shipping option.


If you’re looking for wholesale bulk cannabis seeds to buy online, Tiger-One Distribution is your answer. Tiger-One Distribution supplies the cannabis seeds sold by many popular retail and online seed banks. Worldwide stealth shipping. In order to buy from the Tiger-One website you need to apply for a wholesale account where you’ll be asked to fill in the details about your business reselling or agricultural use.


A rare and new cannabis seeds from over 200 breeders are sold by Seed City. Seeds are shipped to every country in the world, including the United States, sent in crush-proof tubes and concealed inside of a gift. U.S. shipping takes about 7–15 days to delivery. You can pick your own free seeds and 22 language translations including Russian, Japanese, Thai, etc., and select with over 5,000 single seeds etc., that’s what sets apart with Seed City


A long-time trusted cannabis seed bank with a massive selection of feminized seeds, regular seeds and autoflowering seeds from 129 top breeders at bargain prices. The Seedsman website is secure and well categorized to help you find the right marijuana seeds for your grow.

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