Top 7 Things Pregnant Women Should Give Up

Pregnancy is a time when a woman must reconsider her lifestyle because now she is responsible not only for herself but also for the fetus. What to avoid and what to give up? What, apart from bad habits and unreasonable medication intake, can threaten the normal course of pregnancy? In this article, we will tell you about seven things that are prohibited during pregnancy.

Things Harmful To Pregnancy

Here is the list of things that can be harmful to your pregnancy, so you must avoid them.

1.     Bad Habits

The most dangerous bad habits include alcohol abuse and smoking. Alcohol is able to penetrate the protective barriers in the placenta directly to the fetus. Alcohol-dependent mothers are more likely to have a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome. A fetus exposed to constant alcohol exposure may have a wide range of impairments.

It is difficult to say what doses of alcohol can be dangerous to the fetus, so experts recommend a complete rejection of this bad habit. Bad habit as smoking can also cause unwanted consequences and cause pathologies of pregnancy. Some studies prove the negative impact of not only active but also secondhand smoke. Thus, pregnant women should quit smoking for the well-being of their babies.

However, if they use nicotine-free vapes in moderation, it won’t do much harm. So if quitting smoking is really tough, use the vape of good manufacturers. These vapes are affordable and of good quality, allowing you to order one-pound E liquid free delivery through discount codes. However, do not overdo vaping during pregnancy for the baby’s health.

2.     Improper Nutrition

Pregnancy is a time of miracles: some women develop strange gastronomic addictions and desires; others begin to crave those products that previously aroused disgust. Sometimes, it can happen that the refusal of certain foods is associated with well-being.

If we consider the recommendations of experts, then in them you can find a list of recommended and prohibited products, which include:

  • Uncooked meat products, as well as those that will be associated with high risks of intestinal infections and poisoning
  • Some types of fish, especially of dubious quality
  • Sausages, fast food, semi-finished products
  • Raw eggs and canned food, homemade spins

You can talk about the diet, necessary and indispensable products with the leading gynecologist during pregnancy. In many ways, nutritional recommendations may depend on the region of residence, the age of the expectant mother, and her health status.

3.     Going To Sauna

Sometimes a visit to the baths and saunas will help to relax as well as get a number of positive emotions. But during pregnancy, staying in steam rooms and even a hot bath is contraindicated. Overheating, especially in conditions of high humidity, can cause high blood pressure, as well as fainting, which is extremely dangerous during pregnancy. The following situations may have the same threatening properties and consequences:

  • Long stay on the beach
  • Increased physical activity
  • Dehydration

Thus, avoid all of the above conditions to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

4.     Certain Exercises/Sports

Of course, pregnancy is not a reason to take care of yourself as a crystal vase, put pillows on all corners, and move as little as possible. But it is also not worth going to extremes. Certain sports can be dangerous during pregnancy.

Gynecologists strongly advise giving up contact sports, as well as those that are associated with an increased risk of injury. Weightlifting is strictly prohibited because lifting weights can cause a number of serious complications that threaten the normal course of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby.

Sometimes, heavy lifting can cause placental abruption or premature labor. It is important to stay fit during pregnancy, and some types of exercise and practice can be beneficial, such as yoga. But there is also a list of prohibited exercises:

  • Jumping
  • Exercises where it is necessary to sharply change directions
  • Perform sharp and jerky movements
  1. Taking Care Of Pets

Many people love fluffy, purring pets that walk on their own. But replacing the litter box during pregnancy can be extremely dangerous in terms of toxoplasmosis infection. If toxoplasmosis was detected in a woman during pregnancy, then increased risks of the formation of unpleasant consequences for the fetus and pregnancy are created:

  • Premature birth
  • Blindness in a newborn
  • Violations of intellectual development
  • Severe brain damage

5.     Uncontrolled Medication

All medications during pregnancy should be prescribed by a doctor, making sure that they are compatible with pregnancy, assessing the risks and consequences for the fetus.

Experts remind that all pregnant women are advised to consult when taking any medication, even those that you can buy at a pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription. Unfortunately, this is a huge list of drugs, many of which are incompatible with pregnancy.

Specialists have even compiled a list of exactly which drugs are harmful during pregnancy, and before taking which drugs; you need a preliminary consultation with a specialist. These include:

  • Some representatives of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Folk remedies, including natural herbs
  • Some antiviral medications
  • Acne drugs

6.     Hiding Emotions

Pregnancy is a time when a woman experiences a rollercoaster of emotions. Sometimes she may feel extremely excited and filled with joy, while other times, depression, stress, and anxiety hit her hard. Thus, it is very important to let out emotions as keeping them inside can harm the well-being of the mother as well as the baby.

You can share what you feel with your husband, a close friend, or even a family member, for that matter. However, if none of this helps to calm you down, you must consult a therapist. Through a professional’s help, you will feel better.

Take Away

Pregnancy is an important time in a woman’s life; thus, you need to be really careful and avoid certain things to ensure a healthy pregnancy. We mentioned some of the habits that are harmful to pregnancy. Learning about them can help you get rid of them easily

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