5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Many people try everything, but still not able to reduce belly fat. This is because you don’t understand that there are some unhealthy habits that can stop you from reaching your goal of weight loss. You may be doing everything correct from daily exercise to a good diet for weight loss, but you need to take a look at some of the basic things where you might be going wrong. You may not realize it, but your way of eating could be wrong. 

Also, unhealthy habits that you ignore before, after and during having meals can create problems in your weight loss journey. The main reason for these unhealthy habits is a hectic lifestyle. 

The secret of losing stomach fat successfully involves not only losing your belly but maintaining it permanently. If you choose a strict diet to lose body fat, you will possibly put it all back on when you stop taking that diet. So, before you can start to getting rid of belly fat, you must understand the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle change. 

If you focus on improving your lifestyle by changing your nutrition and fitness, it is not almost as challenging to maintain as when you observe that you are constantly on a diet and always concerning about how to lose belly fat. Then it’s also great to attend a local fitness class like this one in Bristol as they are huge fun too as well as great for your health.
Lavleen Kaur explains 5 easy ways to getting rid of belly fat that you can practice every day.  

Intake of raw foods or vegetables

Consuming raw food in the form of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds before an hour of your meal is an easy and effective way of losing weight. Eating more raw vegetables like carrots, radish, cucumber, tomato, beetroot, and more are not only good for weight loss but also the best way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

This not only aids in portion control during main meals but also encourages a type of stomach bacteria that eases digestion in your stomach. This is a fundamental way because a healthy digestive approach enables your system to digest nutrients and eliminate waste, overcoming problems of bloating, gas, and more. 

Cooked meals usually lack the necessary nutrients and vitamins that your body requires. Lavleen Kaur always says that eat more raw food because the nutritional value of vitamins is much higher in raw food which also enhances your immunity. Practising this habit consistently will automatically make you feel that your body needs fewer portions of main meals.

Move your body

Today’s busy lifestyle is one of the reasons that many people are experiencing belly fat issue. They are sitting in the same position for a long time. You should take a small break of at least 5 to 10 min to move your body after every 40 minutes or an hour.  

Also, you should walk or move after a meal. Any kind of gentle body movement or a walk after your main meal helps your body to quickly digest the eaten food. 

Eat homemade food

These days more and more people are eating outside foods like fast food, pizza, pasta, etc, which are prepared with refined products like refined oil, refined salt, etc, which is absolutely not good for your health. A busy schedule can be the reason that people are eating outside food as they don’t have time to prepare their meals. 

But it is important that you should have a portion of good home-made food. Try to put some efforts and prepare your one meal at home and you can repeat it in your dinner or lunch, which is perfectly fine.  

Slow chewing and avoid gadgets during your meals 

If you want to reduce belly fat, then it is important to take a look at your chewing. There are several benefits of chewing slowly from healthy digestion to more natural weight loss. People with belly fat usually are the ones who chew fast or eat food in large bites. This is the reason that they feel bloated due to weak digestion which makes our body to not be ready to consume the vital nutrients from the food. 

It is a significant and very easy habit that you can follow during your meals in order to reduce your belly fat. Besides, using mobile phones, laptop or watching TV is one of the worst habits followed in households these days. The use of such devices while eating doesn’t enable our body to focus on the food. This usually leads to additional eating or even overeating. 

Reduce the intake of caffeine

If you are concerned about your belly fat, then you need to avoid tea and coffee as much as possible. Intake of caffeine can create dehydration in your body and your belly will start to bloat. 


Making a few small changes to your eating habits and your lifestyle can prove to be an effortless and effective way to lose belly fat. Make sure you perform daily exercise, eat proper, and have quality sleep. Both diet and lifestyle factors are important to maintain weight and reducing belly fat.





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