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Men are better Dieters than Women

Dieting is not solely the reserve of the fairer sex. Now more than ever, men are turning to diets in search of a slimmer, fitter, and healthier physique. It also seems, out of all the dieters I have known, both male and female, that men are better at sticking to their regimes, and once their goal weight is reached, at keeping the weight off.

Talking to friends and reading media reports would give the impression that more women than men diet. The truth is, it’s a nigh on impossible comparison to draw, for the simple reason that women prefer to incessantly talk about their diets, whereas men, it seems to me, would rather keep quiet. If a man is down the pub with his friends, as opposed to moaning loudly that he can’t have a pint because he’s ‘on a diet’, he will quietly and calmly order a coffee or a diet coke instead. This is a possible explanation as to why men make better dieters- they seize the day and just get on with it, as opposed to dwelling on it and procrastinating.

Lately it seems that as opposed to a diet being an option reserved solely for overweight and unhealthy, it has now become a kind of lifestyle for many women. So if a large number of women are following diets, why are not more of them successful? I’ve lost track of the amount of times my female friends have proudly announced that they are starting a new diet, only to see them scoff down industrial amounts of cake later on in the week. Dieting has now become a badge of honour for many, as if by merely mentioning they are on a diet will make them seem health-conscious and disciplined, regardless of whether or not they are keeping to the requirements. It is not an uncommon sight in my local Italian to see a group of women tucking into dough balls, pizza, pasta, tiramisu, and wine, all the while whining about their weight and not understanding the failure of their diets when they ‘hardly eat anything at all’.

It is time for women (and some men, admittedly), to stop kidding themselves and to face facts. You will only lose weight through healthy eating and exercise. So instead of wasting energy whining about diets, use that energy to motivate yourself, and go for a run. Keep quiet, and surprise yourself and your friends. And seeing as how many female social gatherings revolve around food, why not make like the men and arrange to have a game of football or rounders in the park? You can always claim back some of your femininity by getting a manicure afterward.

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