Milk is the best food for babies. Breast milk is a unique formula that contains all the essential nutrients your baby needs to grow and develop. As your baby grows, the milk changes as it needs to and acts as an additional nutrient when you add solid foods to your baby’s diet. Breast milk or formula like is recommended as a dietary priority for all infants less than 12 months of age. Milk is the best food, but if  it is unavailable, another good option is commercial formula milk.

1. Breastmilk is the best milk.

Breastfeeding for a baby cannot be compared to any other type of first meal.

Unlike formula milk, breast milk is softer. It contains nutritious nutrients for babies, which are good for brain development and nervous system development, especially for premature babies. Breast milk is rich in fat, protein, sodium, calcium and iron.

2. It boosts baby’s immune system.

Milk is a powerful food for fighting infections and diseases. Its antibacterial properties strengthen the immune system to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Breast milk directly protects against pure and severe infections and prevents them. It also helps with other diseases such as gastrointestinal, respiratory stomach and ear infections.

  1. It balances baby’s belly.

Breastfeeding brings good bacteria into the digestive system and keeps babies strong and healthy. The bacteria that reach the baby come directly from the milk and skin. After breastfeeding a 6-month-old baby on a regular diet, The doctor’s best advice is to continue breastfeeding so that the baby gets  beneficial bacteria that will protect him from allergies, asthma, inflammatory bowel disease and much more.

  1. Breastmilk is easily digestible

Breast milk has a positive effect on your baby’s digestion. Babies can break down breast milk more efficiently than formula milk and they need less energy to do so. By storing this energy, children can remove parts of the food that are difficult to digest. Breast milk is soft, easy to digest and suitable for the baby’s body. It gives your baby enough energy for proper body function and development.

  1. Breastfeeding benefits mom, too!

Not all benefits are for children. There are also many health benefits for mothers. During breastfeeding, the body burns calories.Helps to lose weight after pregnancy. In addition, breastfeeding reduces the risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer and even diabetes in the future.

There are many ways to maintain baby formula milk in the same way as breast milk. Both provide energy, hydration and nutrition so that your baby will grow with any milk. Although advances in the formulation and production of infant formula , still it is not comparable to the health benefits of breast milk. Breast milk has evolved over millions of years into an ideal food for human babies. It is more complex than other mammalian milk because it builds a more complex brain and a unique digestive and immune system.

The first milk, which covers the inner wall of the baby’s stomach, to mature milk that helps the baby grow, each drop of milk contains thousands of beneficial ingredients, including: antibodies, hormones, stem cells, white blood cells etc.

One of the advantages of breast milk over formula milk is that it is a living liquid. Adapt to changes in your child’s situation. So when your baby gets sick, your body produces extra white blood cells and antibodies that get into the milk and help fight infections.

Regarding Formula milk, the formulations vary depending on the brand and city, but it is made from cow’s milk like Hipp Dutch formula by adding emulsifiers and stabilizers, which help to mix oil and water during preparation of food. It may also include: lactose, plant-based oils, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, a couple of enzymes and amino acids.

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