Baby food is now almost as varied as food for adults – anything that can be grinded up and put in a jar is called baby food. As soon as your baby begins to show interest in foods, it’s time to start introducing complementary foods. Should we buy baby food or make purees at home?

Jars or pots?

It is impossible to say precisely what is best for your baby, the choice is yours, and both baby food in jars and homemade foods are safe for children. Some moms feel more comfortable buying baby food in jars because it may be easier to control the introduction of new foods into a child’s diet, especially for kids prone to allergies. It is also more convenient for children with digestive problems.

 But there are also those moms who prefer their homemade baby food. All of them are right in their way, and the choice of baby foods and snacks depends mainly on the parents’ lifestyle.

There is no right or wrong answer to the question: What baby food is better? It’s just your choice to feed your baby what you make yourself or prefer jarred food. Do not give into stereotypes – canned baby food is not worse than homemade. Use it in those cases where you feel more comfortable! 

Fruit purees in pouches as a tasty snack 

Fruit and vegetables baby food pouches are the best way to add valuable nutrients to your baby’s daily diet. Fruit purees are most often associated with baby snacks for infants, who eat all foods in a pureed form. It’s the perfect snack not only for toddlers who are just starting to discover new flavors but also for playful preschoolers and adventurous elementary school students. Bought fruit purees with good composition (only fruit, without preservatives and glucose-fructose syrup) are as healthy as those made at home. However, they have one additional advantage – they are in pouches, which is more convenient for children. This allows parents to provide a healthy and nutritional snack for their kids literally everywhere. The package of such foods is convenient to store and carry, and besides, it is usually colorful and attractive, which makes children eat the fruit puree with even more desire. And the variety is impressive: a huge line of baby food’s flavors is endless from many brands, different price ranges, and you can find it in any grocery store. 

How to prepare homemade fruit puree for children? 

Do you want to make the best fruit puree for your kids? The most delicious for them will surely be puree with the addition of strawberries. Frozen strawberries are also great. It’s much better than using the out-of-season strawberries available in the supermarkets: frozen strawberries are picked in high season, making them tastier, juicier, and more flavorful.

You can add any fruit your child likes to the puree. For example, this combination:

  • 1 banana,
  • 5-6 strawberries,
  • 1 slice of pineapple.

All the ingredients should be mixed in a blender to smooth paste. Done – your baby will love this snack!

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