5 Personal Fitness Goals You Should Set for a Healthier Life

According to one study, 80% of Americans don’t get as much exercise as they should.

If you’re in that category, you might want to change and set some personal fitness goals.

But what are some good fitness goals to strive for? Keep reading to find out!

  1. Stretch More

Even if you’re not working out, stretching is the one thing you can do to help your muscles get stronger and less prone to injury. It can also relieve tension, which helps you mentally and physically.

Try to achieve this by stretching for a few minutes after you wake up, and then stretching at night to help you wind down. You may even want to incorporate breaks throughout the day.

  1. Find a Sustainable Workout

If you can’t find a sustainable workout, you’re more likely to fall off your goals and get out of the habit. Instead, it’s better to be realistic and start working out one or two days a week. If you know that you can keep that habit for the long term, you’re more likely to keep working out.

Fitness is a commitment that needs to last a lifetime, so you need to keep in mind that your body may also not be able to do what it did years ago.

  1. Decrease Body Fat

Most people think they have to lose weight to be healthy, but that’s not necessarily true. You just need to lose body fat.

When you lose body fat, you’ll look better, perform better, and balance out your hormones. To achieve even more benefits from this, you should try and lose around one to two pounds a week.

The best workout to help you lose body fat is resistance training, but you’ll also need to have a nutritious diet that is high in protein.

  1. Monitor Activity

Setting mini-goals might make your goals easier to attain. You can monitor this by tracking your progress. You might want to get a training diary, but you can also use a fitness app or watch and track it digitally.

  1. Do HIIT Training

HIIT training is great because it can reduce your body fat, give you great hormonal benefits, and increase your stamina.

To do this, you’ll need to work out for about thirty seconds, but it’ll be very intense. You’ll then have to do a slower exercise for ninety seconds. Repeat this for about twenty minutes.

If you don’t like that, you can also try this training method!

Discover More Personal Fitness Goals

These are only a few of the best personal fitness goals to reach for, but there are many more that you could use.

We know that getting into healthy habits and setting long-term goals can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help you out.

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