6 Important Tips to Promote Erection

Practice Kegel exercises

Known Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor are designed for problems with premature ejaculation or the prostate. But I have one novelty for you – it has been found that they also help with erection problems. One study showed that up to 40% of impotent men who did this exercise regularly experienced an improvement in erection after only 6 months.

You tell it’s been a long time, and you don’t want to wait that long? I don’t think it will take that long. I personally achieved an improvement in erection after the first month. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles seems to improve in some way blocking the flow of blood from the organ. Stronger erections for a more extended period do not have to be a problem even in hopeless cases!

No stress

No stress and extra work have been proven that stress and excessive workload directly negatively affect potency, erection, and libido. What with this? Well, you have to learn to rest. Prolonged stress causes an increase in the hormone cortisol level, which in turn lowers testosterone levels, which affects your desire for love.

Also, excessive overloading of the body leads to problems with the vascular system and physical exhaustion, not to mention mentally. If you have a problem with not knowing how to “switch off,” please visit a psychologist. I am optimistic that you will come up with something together to satisfy you, your boss at work, and your partner in bed.

Lose weight

Overweight and later, obesity is now a disease of civilization. Weight loss is a long-term process, and I know something about it myself. That’s why I say – no miraculous and fast reduction diets, where you lose 10 kg per month, and then it all comes back to you within a week with a “bonus” in the form of two extra kilograms.

Start gradually and carefully by exchanging junk food for healthier alternatives. For example, try a salad without mayonnaise. If you have a side dish, let it not be a sauce, but rather a vegetable. If you taste the main course for something sweet, do not have a cake and dessert, but rather an apple or grapes.

Try to set a goal – eating five times a day, no fatty and greasy breakfasts, dinner 3 hours before bed, and no fatty foods, instead of sugary drinks, water, or water with lemon. I am assured that your spouse will enjoy these changes, not only because your erection will visibly improve.


It may sound like a paradox now, especially after the previous tip, but yes – treat yourself to chocolate from time to time. I do not mean any chocolate, but quality dark chocolate with the highest possible cocoa content, at least 80%. If you are now pleased that after all the advice to torment your taste buds, I will give you a change and hold on a little longer.

Researchers from the University of California have studied the effect of chocolate on the cardiovascular system, specifically on blood vessels’ permeability. The better the permeability, the better the erection. This is still true even with chocolate. Research has shown that you can achieve better blood vessel permeability even after consuming one small cube of dark chocolate. Not whole lines and not whole chocolates. So – one square once in a while, you have allowed.

Increase testosterone and libido

Testosterone is one of the natural male hormones and has an incredible effect on libido and overall appetite for love. And because the opportunity is said to make thieves, the more you want to have love, the more you can “train” your erection.

But I have one novelty for you – testosterone levels fluctuate during life. For men over 40, its amount decreases by about 1% each year.

Preparations for erection 

Erection pills are not just the best known, such as the aforementioned Fildena 100. You can achieve a better erection, prolonged erections, and sometimes even enlargement of the organ with products with a prescription. Fildena and vigora 100 are already stable in all countries and are ideal if you are over 40 years old and want a long-lasting erection. For example, vigora is also an erection remedy from India, designed to promote erections and prolong physical intercourse. Plus – you can take it for a long time without worrying about side effects!

Finally, one more recommendation of mine.

I compiled all 6 tips to help every man not only to support an erection but also to a healthier lifestyle in general. However, this does not mean that you should live an ascetic life and never indulge in a glass of good wine or a less healthy meal here and there. On the contrary – reward yourself for your progress.

Apply all the tips gradually, not suddenly, and focus, for example, on improving in one of them every week. Yes, it means 11 weeks of gradual changes in lifestyle and lifestyle.


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