Do these 14Household Cleaning Chores with Rubbing Alcohol

Do you know how much rubbing alcohol is useful for household cleaning? Apart from other household cleaning solutions, it is also a must-have thing because it can do wonders in cleaning. If you people don’t know then let me add one thing here this is not for ingesting because it leads to alcohol poisoning and causes death even.

Rubbing alcohol comes in two grades 90% +isopropyl alcohol and 70+isopropyl alcohol. 90% has lower water content, and 70% is gentle on the skin as well as a little bit expensive. Here we are going to share much; it’s effective for the household cleaning chores. Do let us know did you try these tricks or not.

Erase permanent marker

Rubbing alcohol is the best solution for erasing permanent marker stain. It will wipe away stain quickly. All you need to do is to squeeze a little bit of rubbing alcohol and let it sit for a minute. After when it gets dry then wipe it off and you would see the results.

Remove stubborn stickers

You might have come across stubborn stickers over the container, and it’s essential to remove that so drop the little amount of rubbing alcohol over the sticker and then remove. It will easily be dissolved and then wipe off the sticker.

Cleaning Electronics

Rubbing alcohol is used to clean electronics. If you want to disinfect electronics appliances of all the home, then apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton swab and clean, after applying the liquid clean with a microfiber cloth. It evaporates quickly, and no moisture will affect the devices. It’s an easy way to clean the devices. You people can clean the electronics screen with this as well.

Use it as deodorant

There are times when you people are out of the deodorant but rubbing alcohol in a pinch keeps you fresh for a certain time as well. Add 15 drops of tea tree or lavender oil as well in a spray bottle. Let me add one thing here don’t apply this right after shaving. It would create bumps and cause allergic.

Keep kitchen flies away

Flies are very much annoying in the kitchen, and if you want to keep all types of flies away, then use rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spray everywhere in the surroundings. You won’t see this anywhere. It almost works for everyone. Try this out and do let us know how much it is effective for kitchen flies.

Save makeup palette

What would you do if you suddenly drop your favourite makeup palette? You won’t trash but applying makeup will be tougher so you must be thinking how much rubbing alcohol would be feasible. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol in the broken pieces of eyeshades or blush shades and even out the mixture. Let it sit for the few hours until it dries completely. You will save the makeup palette.

Specs cleaning

No worries if your specs are blurred because you can make it useful. All you need to do is to take a microfiber cloth and apply rubbing alcohol over this. Clean specs and you don’t need to buy expensive solutions for cleaning specs. With rubbing alcohol, you can make an effective glass cleaner.

Get rid of toenail fungus

Toenail fungus looks bad, and it might give you severe pain. If you want to get rid of this, then all you need to do is to soak the foot in water mixture of rubbing alcohol. It gives you relief and moisturizes your feet as well. Keep it there for at least 20-30 minutes. Various doctors recommend this for long term use.

Remove scratch marks

If you see scratch marks over the floors and boards then you people must be spending hours in scrubbing just. It’s not the right way because it requires lots of effort. Take a bottle of rubbing alcohol and dab it over the scratch marks. You would be amazed after seeing results. It takes minutes, and you would get rid of these scratch marks.

Eliminate grease stains

Grease stains are stubborn, and when you see it over the stove or microwave, then it makes you annoyed. Rubbing alcohol is useful for eliminating grease stains as well. It restores the shine of kitchen appliances as well.

Make a room spray with this

Do you know with rubbing alcohol you people can make room deodorizer as well? Just add a few drops of essential oil and spray everywhere. It keeps away unpleasant odours from your home. You don’t need to buy expensive chemicals.

Sterilize sponges and clothes

Rubbing alcohol is used to disinfect all cleaning clothes and sponges that are accumulated of dust and debris. Don’t go for diluted solutions, use rubbing alcohol for killing the germs and see the results. Rubbing alcohol contains 70% of alcohol, and its amount varies from product to product.

Cleaning for pierced ears

Pierced ears need care and when we are done with the piercing then clean skin with the solution. Take a cotton ball and apply rubbing alcohol on the front and back of the ear. It keeps bacterial infections away from you. If you have any irritation, then ask the doctor first because it may increase the issue in skin.

Best for disinfection

It is best for disinfection for all types because whenever you have to disinfect any place or appliances, this is the best solution. You won’t need much effort with this. It’s an important household cleaning solution. Disinfect the surfaces and sponges as well as cleaning clothes. You would see the result and find your surrounding crystal clear.

These are the benefits of a household cleaning solution that is not difficult to find anywhere. Make sure you have the bottle of rubbing alcohol all the time in the cupboard. These benefits are gathered as per the experiences of people over the years, and people saw visible results. Disinfect your home and make your surroundings germ free with this. Do let us know how did you find this blog.

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