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The wait is over! Now you can download the pdf copy of The Hindu Newspaper along with the ad-free version of Delhi Edition. You have to read The Hindu Newspaper daily because of several competitive government examinations taking place in 2020 and the coming year 2021. Usually, most of them are RRB Clerk/PO, UPSC Civil Services, IBPS CLERK, IBPS, PO/SO, LIC ADO, LIC AAO, CDS, CTET, Railways, and SSC CHSL & CGL.

The Hindu Newspaper

The Hindu Newspaper is known to be the 2nd largest newspaper publication in India. This Newspaper was founded in Madras. Initially, it was considered as a weekly newspaper. Moreover, The Hindu Newspaper became one of the first Indian Newspapers in 1995, and it was also published online. The headquarters of The Hindu Newspaper is located in Chennai. G. Subramania Iyer founded the Hindu Newspaper on 20th September 1878. The proprietor of this Hindu Newspaper is The Hindu Group and Kasturi & Sons Limited.

What Hindu Newspaper includes

 Following are some of the points that The Hindu Newspaper contains:

  • It includes national news such as government and central statements that are not political, initiatives, policies, etc.
  • This Newspaper provides international news such as deaths, disputes, agreements, treaties, but not accidents.
  • The Hindu Newspaper produces the news of the country’s economy and international news with specific technical terms.
  • This Newspaper can cover vast topics like biodiversity news and environmental stories from the view of UPSC.
  • This Newspaper has different sections, among which the technology and science section is also there consist of real-life applications from the perspective of UPSC.

History of the Hindu Newspaper

The Hindu Newspaper is considered India’s nationwide Newspaper which started publishing in 1878 and is circulated by THG Publishing Private Limited, Chennai, India. Classically, the English language is described as the best language to publish a newspaper in. This Newspaper is famous for its high-end quality of journalism and perfect presentation. The Newspaper is believed to be printed in 18 different cities.

Newspaper circulation

This Newspaper circulates its eleven editions throughout the country in Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Madurai, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Vijayawada, Vizag, and Hyderabad. Furthermore, this Newspaper is also available in a digital format paper version.

Recent development

A change was observed when this Newspaper’s leadership was passed to a young member of the family. Also, wordpress.org listed this Newspaper How to download the Hindu free Pdf Newspaper as the left-leaning Newspaper with full independence.

In 2013, a new edition for young readers was introduced to motivate them and distributed in schools. This Newspaper consisted of the latest development, sports, features, and regional news. Furthermore, its Tamil edition was also launched this year. In the same year, changes were made in the business and editorial section of the Newspaper.

Interestingly, The Hindu how to download the Hindu newspaper pdf has a foreign bureau in several 11 locations like Colombo, Islamabad, Kathmandu, Dhaka, Moscow, Beijing, Dubai, Paris, London, Addis Ababa, and Washington.

 how to download the Hindu newspaper pdf daily free

  • Nonbusiness journalism

Any news article should be free of biases. Even the largest newspapers, such as The Times of India, are biased because they sell their precious editorial spaces for aimless advertisements for a few bucks.

  • Detective approach

The articles in The Hindu Newspapers are considered to be the most engaging and expressive ones. The reason is that it has the majority of the mere words written in it.

  • Perceived value

In its editorial section, How to download the  Newspaper publishes the letter to the editor and mentions every type of comment from the followers, whether negative or positive, which enhances the professionalism towards establishing the country.

  • Non-glamorous news

While the other newspapers present glamorous news to gain the attention of more followers, on the contrary, the Hindu Newspaper put efforts in raising standards of journalism that reflect purity and maturity in the entire content that is published.

  • Balanced editorial section

The Newspaper’s editorial section is free from any favouritism, and all the articles written in the newspapers are well balanced and thoroughly researched.

  • Youth approach

The Hindu Newspaper’s main aim is to encourage and motivate the youngsters to play a vital role in the country’s decision-making process. Because youth reflects the country and it is they who will be the next future leaders, so their participation is a must.

  • Independency

The Hindu Newspaper is among the few newspapers that works with much independence; even though it is a family-run business, the Newspaper’s nature and style have been the same for years.

  • Trustworthy

The Hindu Newspaper only publishes the news that is authentic and real. The information is thoroughly researched with correct stats. Also, its articles can be used for references.

How to download The Hindu Newspaper

You have to scroll down for downloading the Newspaper how to download newspaper in pdf format following the date’s selection. You have to wait for 5 seconds, and the download will start on its own. Once the download is complete, you are ready to go! You can also read the news on a tablet, desktop, laptop, and on your mobile phone.

How to download old Hindu Newspaper

Old newspapers can also be downloaded in the same way as the latest Hindu Newspaper because the archive for the old Newspaper is also stored here.

Reading the Hindu PDF version. 

Once the download is complete, you will indeed require a PDF reader. You don’t have to worry if the PDF reader is not downloaded on your device; you can download it from the given links below. As soon as the PDF reader is downloaded, you can double click the downloaded file to install it, and after the download, you can read any PDF file on your device.


So, we have provided you with sufficient information about The Hindu Newspaper. We thoroughly researched the history and recent developments of the Newspaper. Hindu Newspaper is a family run business and is famous for its professionalism. Also, it provides precise news to its readers. We also informed you about the downloading procedure for the PDF version.

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