Skin Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oil

The plant with the powerful aroma, patchouli is known for its fragrance in perfumes and lotions but it can also improve your hair.

A strong smell might be unpleasant at first glance; however this ancient herb has many benefits when used as an ingredient of natural oils! 

Patchouli oil is a great choice for those suffering from conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dandruff. It contains astringent properties which help dry up excess skin cells that may be causing your symptoms; anti-fungal agents fight off bacteria or fungi infections while also preventing future growths on hair follicles by controlling itching noises in their environment (which we all know can really get under someone’s wick!) Finally there are antioxidant nutrients protecting against free radicals inside our bodies as well outside ones – this helps us stay healthy!

What Is Patchouli Oil?

The plant associated with the smell of patchouli is native to Southeast Asia and has been used for years by many cultures. The Pogostemon Cablin, or ‘Poke-go stature’ as it’s known in America can be found growing easily here thanks to its robust smell that fills any space you place your nose too!

Patchouli essential oil has been used to scent ancient Hindu temples, heal wounds and promote healing. The leaves are also highly toxic if ingested but can be safely applied topically because they contain no nicotine or other harmful substances which would compromise the integrity of your skin as well!

Its uses are numerous and diverse, but one thing it does well? It cleanses your skin. The astringent properties make this an excellent choice for dandruff treatments as well!

2 Main Benefits Of Patchouli Oil On Hair

This oil has been used for countless issues thanks to its natural properties, which are just beginning discovered.

The main benefits of patchouli oil for hair growth are:


Patchouli is a great natural treatment for scalps suffering from skin conditions. The antiseptic and astringent properties of this oil keep the damaged areas clean, while also preventing infection to set in further damage by fungus or other microbes that might cause itchy red bumps on your head! This study found patchuIle effective against specific strains alongside other similar essential oils such as clove tea bag used if you have dandruff too

Anti- Inflammatory

If you suffer from eczema, dandruff or even psoriasis then this is great news for your skin. You can use patchouli oil to help keep the scalp clean and healthy while reducing irritation caused by these conditions!

Patchouli is a strong, sweet scent that falls into the musky-earthy category. This powerful aroma has made it one of popular choices for candle making and perfumes alike! While its earthiness can sometimes smell like dirty feet (not fresh at all), there are also times when you get notes such as menthol or campfire to balance things out with their refreshing qualities too – just remember not to overdo either extreme if possible so they blend nicely together instead!

How To Use Patchouli Oil On Hair

You can use patchouli oil in a few different ways, depending on what you want from your hair. For example if the scent is too intense for general purposes then it might be best applied directly to skin with no carrier oils – just make sure not get any product near its eyes! Essential oils should always take precedence over conventional cosmetics because they have more natural ingredients and don’t contain harsh chemicals which could irritate sensitive skins

When using this type of extract as an ingredient rather than neat- schulze says avoid direct contact unless absolutely necessary due mutual allergies or other circumstances

Hot Oil Treatment

Using a hot oil treatment to reduce dandruff, dryness and frizz in your hair is not only safe but can also help you get salon-perfect results at home. By applying the heated styling product on wet or damp locks before letting it air dry for about 10 minutes (or longer!), this strategy works best when done consistently over time because of how effective they are! 

You’ll be shocked by what happens after just one use – all those icky looking tangles will become a thing from yesteryear as well as any appearing within hours if not already gone by then depending upon texture/size etc

Simple Patchouli Hot Oil Treatment:

  1. Put 3-6 tablespoons of your chosen oil in a bowl and heat for 10 seconds in the microwave until it is fully melted. Make sure you don’t put too much or else its hot enough to burn skin! Apply this liquid onto dry scalp, working from front towards back (the opposite direction as if applying lotion). Leave on 1 minute before rinsing thoroughly under warm water. If there are any spots left over after washing them away with lukewarm tapwater then apply another small amount onto those areas so they may absorb better

2. In this technique, you will mix the following: one part olive oil with an equal amount of mayonnaise. Next add about five drops each time when blending in new ingredients such as patchouli essential oils and spread it throughout your hair starting at its roots up until just before where they meet on top.’

3. This tip for dealing with dandruff is a great way to soothe your scalp and relieve any itching. Massage the affected area, then cover it up for 20 minutes in order from time you start feeling better!

4. When you’re done showering, rinse the oil out and maintain its condition like normal.


Pre-pooing is a great way to add life and volume before you even start conditioning your hair. You can use oil, which will protect the natural moisture in our scalps by preventing any shampoo from stripping it away!

For those who have greasy hair or scalp, this treatment can be just the thing. The oil coating will protect your natural moisture while shampooing cleanses and patchouli is an added bonus that leaves you feeling refreshed!

Oils can be used in place of traditional shampoo and conditioner to provide a deep conditioning treatment for your hair. You could also try shea butter, aloe vera or even just using oil on its own as an extra step before applying styling product!

Easy Patchouli Pre-Poo Treatment:

1. The beauty benefits of using a pre-poo treatment are endless. Not only will it help you get ready forWork but also keep your hair looking its best throughout the day with ease! For dry, brittle locks that need extra attention try avocado oil or shea butter; if there’s not enough time in between washes then store bought products work great too (just make sure they have natural ingredients).

2. Create your own natural deodorant by mixing together some patchouli essential oil with baking soda. Once you have created the mixture, spray it on freshly washed armpits and allow to dry before dressing normally or wearing another scent!

3.To achieve an even better result, you could apply the mask all over your hair and cover with a cap or wrap. Leave it on for as long of time possible so that any dead skin cells can dry up!

The beauty of pre-poo is that it can be left on for as little time or you could also go all night!

I love how my hair feels after a good shampooing, but sometimes I forget to condition it. When this happens there’s usually some residue from the product in my tresses which isn’t ideal because not only does it smell bad (which means less likely hoodies), but also causes tangles when brushing through next day–yuck!–so knowing about these two benefits helped me remember again just why its important always applying moisturizer before bedtime

Risks Of Using Patchouli Oil

The essential oils in this product are very concentrated and can burn the skin if not diluted properly. Therefore, caution must always be used when applying them to sensitive or damaged areas of your body like inner elbows where irritation has been known due improper use by some people who don’t know what they’re doing as well those with more severe reactions such I had!

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