Unidentified factors for bad health conditions of men

The health condition of men has always been the talk of the medical community due to various reasons. Doctors and health experts are always seen writing magazines or commenting on the critical situation of men’s health. But why? Does this mean that women are super healthy and are safe from every disorder on the planet? No, this means that the majority of women make decisions in life that are pro-health. The generalisation happens between the majority of each side. There are men who are pro-health and similarly there are women who regularly succumb to some of the other health disorders.

Today men are among the major patients of ailments like diabetes, obesity, depression, heart attacks, intimate disorders etc. The situation is so worse that earlier these disorders were common in men in the age group of 50 and above but now men below 30 are complaining of such issues.

The external reasons for health issues that are in the news and health articles are already known to people. In this article, we will talk about some unidentified factors for the bad health conditions in men.


Alcohol is a little debated consumable among people who drink while others who don’t. People who drink alcohol are given the reason that drinking alcohol makes them feel calm and easy. It helps to reduce the stress which they had accumulated by working in offices during the daytime and allows them to sleep peacefully. Whereas people who don’t drink alcohol give their proposition that alcohol is addictive and causes several diseases such as Erectile Dysfunction and is also the reason for depression and liver cirrhosis.

So, what is the truth? Is alcohol good or for health? Well, if you go by scientific results alcohol is, in fact, beneficial in reducing stress, and lowering blood pressure thus calming the person if taken in small quantities. So, the first proposition of people who drink it is true. Now, is the proposition by the second group wrong that alcohol causes diseases? No, even their proposition is correct.

Alcohol turns unhealthy only when you overtake the drinking limits and consume as if the world is gonna end today. It is only then that alcohol becomes addictive and life-threatening. Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to disruption of the correlation between organs and brains. This is why a drunk man is unable to walk and talk properly and often becomes unconscious. You cannot expect great metabolism from such a man.

Sleep Quality

Sleep is the time when our body and mind rest, it makes itself ready for the next day to work with full potential. When sleep is not fulfilled due to lack of time or any reason, it has a negative impact on the overall performance of the body. For better creativity and physical activity, good sleep is needed. For instance, in Japan cases of people dying from overwork is very common. People rarely get 4 to 5 hours of sleep, due to which stress levels rise and depression, insomnia, narcolepsy and other psychological disorder become common.

Hence, it is necessary to take a short break in between or else neither the work will be good, nor your health. But men keep working overnight for months by using stimulants to get rid of sleep. Mental health has found a mainstream appeal but not enough stress is still given to sleep quality. But currently, many governments such as in Belgium have given employees the right to not receive calls from their boss after working hours. Otherwise even after exiting the office, employees were given extra work which led to a misbalance of work and life.

Toxic Relationships

A satisfying relationship will change your life positively by helping you achieve success in your career and personal life. In times when you feel low your partner is the biggest support system for you to discuss problems.

But if the relationship is toxic then it can turn your life into hell. All the time you would be stressed and in grief. Toxic relationships are the reason men even commit suicide sometimes when they feel they cannot take more grief.


These reasons are common in most men’s life but not many men know about them due to a lack of health awareness. In case of any problem never keep the problem to yourself, share it with a trusted friend and close ones. This reduces stress and they may find a solution for you while otherwise, you may be thinking all negative conclusions.

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