Lose Weight with Exercise & Diet (Man & Women)

People take up weightlifting for a number of reasons; it might be that middle age is creeping up on you and you want to redefine your physique, or you might be an athlete who wants better performance, whatever your reasons for getting into pumping iron, here are a few important tips for beginners.

  • Choosing equipment – Some prefer the luxury of a fully fitted gym at a nearby location, while others can make do with a barbell and a couple of dumbbells. You could, for example, invest a couple of thousand dollars in building your own gym at home, which is more convenient than an annual gym membership and cheaper in the long term.
  • Dietary issues – You can’t set out on a weight training program without the right diet; you definitely need protein powder on a daily basis; everything you need can be found at your local health supplement store in Melbourne, which you can access via their website. Your diet should be balanced and include fresh fruit and vegetation, while those over 40 are advised to take a daily supplement pill.
  • Start light and gradually build up the weight – You can’t expect to start a weight training program and jump straight into heavy weights. Start with light weights; enough weight to comfortably do the required number of reps and every week, add a few kilograms as and when you feel you can handle it.
  • Lifting techniques – It is essential that you use the proper techniques when lifting weights; do not use momentum, as this can cause muscle injury; be slow and calculated in your movements and try to isolate the target muscles. Click here for nutrition tips to stay fit.
  • Multiple sets of exercises – The ideal scenario is 3 sets of 10-15 reps per set; allow a few minutes between each set; there is a theory that, for muscle gain, you must lift more weight and fewer reps. You might prefer to engage the services of a personal trainer, a fitness professional who can oversee every aspect of your weightlifting. 
  • Warming up & down – Warming up prepares major muscles for some serious work and that reduces the risk of injury, while warming down is every bit as important for the same reasons. As soon as you have finished your workout, walk around, breathing heavily and this will enable your body to get back to normal without injury. 
  • The importance of rest days – Some experts say two days of lifting should be followed by a day of rest, which gives your muscles a chance to fully recover, while others would say that 3 days on, one day off is a better approach. Either way, make sure you don’t overdo things.

If you are new to weight training, we advise you to hire the services of a personal trainer, a professional who will ensure that your regime is safe and effective, helping you to reach your fitness goals.

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