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The auto industry suddenly changes and has problems. New characters arrive almost every month. This service plays an important role in the overall budget. So the demand for top talent is growing. To meet the growing expectations of this recruiting sector in the telecommunications sector, the Alliance’s recruiting agency has campaigned in this sector. Our talented pool of recruiting consultants in the telecommunications sector understands the pulsations of the market and knows how to draw on the best telecom job sites to meet the needs that make up the market. Our telecom sales experts have an extensive database designed to meet immediate needs.

Furniture to recruit people requires qualified technicians

With our foray into hiring Tracom, we have diversified our experience into a new specialist who has become part of an ever-changing market. The introduction of 4G and other decentralized Internet plans has led to a shortage of right products on the market. To meet the needs of smartphones, we as a telecommunications recruitment agency provide senior and mid-level talent to meet your company’s needs successfully.

Telecoms Recruitment Specialists – Why us?

Fulfill the requirements of the telecommunications industry. Telecoms specialist market research is the best and it creates talent. We are in elementary, middle, and high schools; there are some basic food requirements. If you need a job opening in a company, we are well known. Through various activities, portals, and over time, data bank recruitment. You can also make a list of resources on the private market. You tell us about the jobs and jobs you need later, recruiters.

Telecom Employment Consultants – We understand the need of the hour

In order for a hiring company to succeed, it is essential to know the market in which they are engaged. The telecommunications industry is old, but the demands of smartphone service providers and the various Internet plans are new. As such, this has led to high demand for qualified employees who can meet the needs of this industry. Meeting the pressure and delivering requires potential. Regular and common employees cannot survive. This is where we make our presence feel. Our Telecom employment consultant complies with the description of the work provided. We perform several detection levels before the curriculum is processed in your company. This high-end exam makes all the difference.

Telecoms Recruitment Agency – Hiring Process

After entering the telecommunications industry, we make sure that all the applicants we process meet your specific requirements. The screening process is divided into several stages.

  • Add your content… Reclassification: As a telecommunications recruitment agency, our consultants go through the job description given to us. We then sort the regressions that match the profile.
  • Telephone Interview – Once the candidate list is prepared, our consultants will call and conduct a telephone interview to determine if the candidate has the skills his or her company needs.

Post-processing: The final list of candidates is the name of those candidates who deleted the telephone interview we conducted. We will process these resumes for your business for the final interview round. Based on the result of the interview, the candidates stated the results.

Until the final decisions

Our work is to resume. We offer a final decision. After the definitive list of candidates, our experts will ensure that the entire process will be smooth. We are monitoring the candidates to collect the necessary documents and materials to search for. Your organization can keep in touch with our expert candidates. Every 3 months if he does not, we will offer you a free replacement.

Telecommunications operations in Europe

This page explains job opportunities for job seekers interested in Telecom Europe related jobs.

The market

Holland has a well-developed telecommunications infrastructure with a small number of providers. A provider (KPN) is initially part of the old Dutch state telecommunications and mail service and is primarily responsible for most of the infrastructure (cable) currently used. The period 2013-2014 will be characterized mainly by improving the mobile infrastructure to 4G / LTE capabilities, while 2G and 3G are still fully developed.

The requirements

Most companies will require people with secondary or higher education, relevant work experience, and excellent communication and telecommunication engineering skills.

So, with this kind of profile, you have a good chance of finding a job in the Netherlands?

o You have intermediate to higher-level education, for example, a bachelor’s / high degree, in computer science and programming, and a minimum of 4-5 years of work experience

o You have a good command of English

o Citizens prefer from EU / EER; work permits are not usually issued

o Have extensive experience in a technical / engineering role, covering one or more of the following topics:

o Radiofrequency design



o Telecommunication systems architecture

o Network engineering and optimization (2G, 3G, 4G / LTE)

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