What tends to make Penis Envy mushrooms so visually interesting?

If you’ve ever looked into the strength differences between each Psilocybin-containing mushroom strain/variety, you’ve probably heard of Penis Envy mushrooms. Most users on mushrooms and related places on the web, for obvious reasons, are aware that the Penis Envy mushroom strain is generally penis-shaped and produces more potent effects than the average Cubensis mushroom. Even RogerRabbit, a well-vetted Shroomery user, stated that “Cubes are cubes, with the exception of PE.”

But why is this the case? And where did the first Penis Envy mushroom appear? What distinguishes it from the others? While the history of P.E. is mysterious and incomplete, we will touch on some interesting observations that will give the readers a sense of all the hype surrounding this particular variety of P. Cubensis.


Mycologist John Allen once recommended that the original Penis Envy mushrooms were discovered in the Amazon by Terrence and Dennis McKenna in the early 1970s. Hamilton Morris, a journalist who studies intoxicants, also stated that the original specimen “was taller and thicker than anything found in American soils” and “a monstrous Amazonian mushroom growing on the dung of local Zebu cattle.”

In finding a penis-shaped mushroom, the McKenna brothers never confirmed that these statements were entirely factual. Terrence frequently mentioned the mushroom’s masculine energies; you’d think he’d remember a penis-shaped one. Because the McKenna brothers had many mushroom hunting expeditions (including a few in the Amazon), it appears much more likely that this fabled Amazonian spore sample discovered by the Penis Envy is the offspring of the McKenna brothers (i.e., genetic).

According to Hamilton Morris’ current theory, Steven Pollock, a pioneering Psilocybe Cubensis Mycologist, mailed some of the original Amazon prints from the McKennas and likely isolated it himself, giving rise to the Penis Envy mushroom strain and penis molded mushroom.

Pollock allegedly sent a spore print labeled “Penis” to another mycologist and print vendor, Rich Gee, before his untimely death!

Many people thought this penis-shaped mushroom had died out, but John Allen eventually tracked down Rich Gee, selling spore swabs (a sterile cotton swab wiped along the gills of a mushroom to collect spores) of Penis Envy. At the same time, a Shroomery user claimed to have a print from Terrence McKenna’s collection. This could have been due to some confusion about Rich Gee initially claiming he got the image from the McKennas, but we don’t know for sure.


It’s unclear where the original Penis Envy spore sample came from, and the name itself has no known origin.SporesWorldwide has received a message from Rich Gee regarding the claims of John Allen (“Mushroom John,” or mushroomed on Shroomery.org). This adds another twist to the already perplexing story of the P.E. mushroom. He writes,”

Jewel Stevens came over to my house to show me some Amazon mushrooms he had recently acquired. They were said to have come in a roundabout way from Terence McKenna. Nobody ever sent me a bloody letter with spores in it.

The mushrooms I saw were dried and appeared to be expected. Jule Stevens grew the mushrooms in a hexagon plexiglass fish tank after I cultured the spores. There were three distinct strains in the tank, two regular and unusual enough to catch my attention.

Resemblance with penis

This strain did not resemble a penis. The strain was cultivated, and the mushrooms that sprouted had long stems and large heads. I chose the largest one, which also happened to be the one with the most blueing. The following generations began to resemble penises.

The biggest and bluestone was cloned yet again. For several generations, the most giant and bluish mushrooms were cloned, resulting in large penis-like mushrooms. There was no contact with McKenna, and we never met, as far as I know.

I got a bag full of mushrooms from a friend who was growing Penis Envy to photograph them one day. Jewel Stevens was dating an exotic dancer at the time, and when I stopped to see him, six dancers were visiting his girlfriend.

They were curious about what I had in my bag. “You don’t want to know,” I said. They insisted, so I took a gallon zip lock from my bag and showed them the mushrooms. “Does anyone have Penis Envy?” I exclaimed. “They look like donkey dongs!!!” shouted the dancers in unison. That is where the name originated.

Penis Envy magic mushrooms’ effects

Penis Envy delivers an intense and profound psychedelic trip because it is one of the most potent magic mushroom strains globally in terms of psychotropic potential. It is known in the psychedelic community to produce a highly immersive psychedelic experience that includes intense euphoria and euphoric discovery, profound philosophical ideas, extreme mental clarity, tremendous joy, and a unique perspective on personal issues. It has also been shown to induce feelings of contentment and relaxation in some people.

Penis Envy Mushrooms: How to Eat Them

Penis Envy cubensis, like many other magical mushroom species and strains, can be consumed in a variety of ways. Here are five different ways to consume Penis Envy magic mushrooms:

  • Swallow and chew

One of the most common methods of consuming Penis Envy is to chew it thoroughly, allow all of the juices to come out, and swallow it. When Penis Envy is finished in this manner, it typically takes 45 minutes for its effects to take effect; however, this is highly dependent on your stomach content the less you eat before, the better!

  • Take it as a cup of tea

Penis Envy can also be enjoyed as a cup of tea, which is an excellent way to consume this potent psychedelic. Drinking magic mushroom tea instead of eating dried mushrooms whole has quickly become a popular and highly recommended method of consumption. If you’ve ever eaten psilocybin mushrooms, you know what I’m talking about.

Final Thought

Mushroom John has told many stories about Penis Envy, but none are accurate and mostly made up by his imagination.Incredible! We may finally explain the origin of the Penis Envy mushroom’s name and how convenient its naming corresponds to its Freudian inspiration.

Even though the air around the Penis Envy mushroom strain is murky, I believe we can be sure of a few things. To begin with, it’s pretty incredible to think that any of the legends mentioned above had anything to do with this highly sought-after P. Cubensis strain/variety.

Furthermore, whatever happened to the Penis Envy, genetics along the way made them much stronger than the average Cubensis mushroom, as well as shaped like a penis. It’s very trippy! Whatever mushroom alchemy occurred here, I believe it was of the highest caliber! This one-of-a-kind strain of Psilocybin Cubensis will undoubtedly go down in mycology history.

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