What to Include in an Industrial First Aid Kit

In 2019, 5,333 workers died from workplace injuries.

Are you worried about the safety of your employees? If you are thinking about creating an industrial first aid kit but have never created one before, you may be wondering what you should include in it.

When you are creating a first aid kit you need to ensure that it is up to code. Each workplace is unique and you will need to take that into consideration when deciding what should be in your kit.

There are some items that must be included. Here is a look at it those items.


One of the main things that you must have in your first aid kits is good bandages. You should ensure that there is a large supply of adhesive bandages since this is often the most commonly used item for workplace injuries.

In addition to regular bandages, you may also want to have 2 and 4-inch roller bandages in your kit. These types of bandages will help you to treat wounds that are larger and deeper.

Antibiotic Ointments and Antiseptic

An antibiotic ointment and antiseptic are an essential part of any industrial first aid kit. An antibiotic ointment is useful for treating minor cuts and burns that may occur in an industrial setting.

Having an antiseptic available will help to minimize infection when it is used by someone performing industrial first aid services.

Burn Packs

If the working environment puts people at risk of getting burned quite often, you need to ensure that there is a burn pack available in the workplace.

If burns are something that can happen quite regularly, you may want to consider having an entire kit within your industrial kit for dealing with burns.

Medical Gloves

No industrial first aid kit would be complete without having medical examination gloves on hand. Medical examination gloves will protect you from bacteria and infection.

No one should treat a workplace injury without using these gloves.


It is a good idea to include splints in your industrial first aid kit so that you can set broken bones before professional help arrives.

Make sure that there is always someone available who knows how to use the splints in case there is an emergency.

Industrial First Aid Kit

Having the right type of tools at your disposal when there is an injury at the workplace is essential. In fact, if you don’t have an industrial first aid kit in place you might very well find that you are walking outside of the law in most cases.

It is easy to put an industrial first aid kit together because the items that you need are readily available. The last thing you want is for an injury to occur and to have nothing available to deal with it.

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