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All in the world saw the rise of the coronavirus. It all started in one place, but it was proclaimed a global pandemic after a few months without vaccinations in hand. At that time, N95 masks and respirators enabled people to stay healthy from the mini microbes of infection, which can effectively contribute to virus development. But the problem remains that, to minimize the chance of the infection, we should purchase N95 masks. Staying home and preserving your immunity strengthened with nutritious foods is the safest way to reduce the chance of the virus and please wash your hands after coming home from outside to prevent the spread of germs and microbes with your family membrane.

KN95 mask has two major functions. The first is to protect the wearer from any visible particle contamination, and the second is to provide comfort and increased airflow in cold conditions. Besides, some types of N95s are used in situations where there is excess fog or smoke in the air, for clearing breathing routes. Some types of N95s are available with either a full-face half-face or a nose-and-mouth mask. This second function adds a level of protection against particulate matter.

For this reason, the wearing of a full-face mask can also use for these conditions.KN95 are the Chinese govt certified masks. This tries to provide 95% protection from all microbes, which is the same as N95, but it also provides us with some extra amount of features that we will discuss later in the article.

Difference Between KN95 and Any Other Types of Mask

Kn95 Mask

As KN95 Mask doesn’t meet the U.S Standards doesn’t mean that they are not useful. KN95 Masks are highly researched based and are certified by the Chinese Government which makes them much more useful than cloth masks and as compared to N95, they both filter out 95% microbes but there is a slight difference between the two. KN95 Mask is much more user friendly because it provides much more exhalation resistance than N95 which can be very beneficial to the user if they are using it for long hours like at work or at their playing time and as compared to surgical masks it provides much more resistance from small droplets and microbes.

Benefits of Using KN95s Mask for Common People

One benefit that many individuals notice after using a KN95 mask is the reduction in airborne particles on the face. Clean air quality improves because the particles are more evenly distributed throughout a room. Particles of dust, mould, pollen, and smoke are often removed or reduced in size when a person wears a mask. This improved air quality makes the workplace healthier and decreases exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses. Many respiratory symptoms are relieved by the use of respiratory masks. Examples of respiratory symptoms that may be relieved include sore throat, cough, sore chest, and wheezing.

Why KN95 Mask are Considered as one of the best in this Hierarchy of Masks

To know about this, we have to consider some advantages that KN95 masks provide which we will discuss below in this article:

1) Intention- The key purpose of KN95 Mask is to provide you with a face-fitting experience and save you from the surrounding bacteria and viruses around you and provide protection to inhalation so that the user can better inhale and exhale.

2) Exhalation Resistance- The greatest advantage that KN95 masks can take into account is that they provide the user with exhalation resistance that enables them to breathe freely and works on eliminating all airborne particles time, whereas N95 is not the best to easily provide breathing resistance.

3)Leakage Test- There is a particular leakage test that is conducted on Kn95 masks by the suppliers themselves; they are only accredited if a limit of 8 percent is the leakage percentage.

4) High -Filtration- KN95 masks provide the airborne particles with 95 percent filtration, which makes them very safe from virus safety. KN95 is designed in such a manner that it also helps you very quickly fight big and small airborne so that it can be easily worn for everyday uses by the customer.

5) Valued Certifications-KN95 is very efficiently checked by the Chinese Government by conducting the right amount of experiments and individual tests so that it can assist the user from attacking viruses around them.

Are KN95 Reusable:

KN95 Mask should not be reused after in contact with the patient or when covered in blood and in general Masks are not considered for reuse but when there was a shortage of masks there were several guidelines which the CDC gave to how to clean your respirators which you can keep in mind.

How to Clean your Respirator:

These are the steps which you can follow to clean your Respirator

Step1-  Always use clean hands with the required amount of Soap or you can also use an Alcohol-based sanitiser

Step-2 Don’t try to remove dirt from inside the respirator too much as it can damage the respirator from inside.

Step-3 Always wear a pair of clean gloves when cleaning inside the respirator and after cleaning you can also perform a user seal check.


With all the information which we discussed above can clearly state that choosing your masks according to your need is very important and why these are the safest way right now. When we talk about KN95, it provides various advantages from various other Masks available in the market like cloth masks or surgical. Compared to N95, it also offers a little more. So before considering any masks for your usage, you should always research the product and also consider its advantages according to your need. For instance if you are regularly visiting a patient in the hospital you can choose surgical masks easily With proper guidelines and which you can easily dispose of after being in contact with the patient.

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