Kidney Stones Symptoms in Men – Causes and Remedies

Kidney stones symptoms in men are qualitatively different from those in women.  Occurring mostly at middle age in men, kidney stones are three times more common in men than in women. Calcium stones, formed due to the build-up of Calcium oxalate, Calcium carbonate, account for about 80% of all the stones that are found in men. Similarly Uric acid stones in men, formed by the build-up of Uric acid account for about 5-10% of the cases.

Causes of Kidney stones

Symptoms in men occur due to reduced water intake, life style changes characterized by the increased intake of beverages, alcohol consumption, lack of physical exercises, increased intake of food rich in Calcium and Oxalate, use of excess Vitamin C and D supplements, apart from metabolic disturbances and genetic disorder.

Symptoms of kidney stones

Intense pain in your side, back, groin and the genitals, depending on the location of the stones – whether it is in kidneys, ureter or bladder. Intense pain called Renal Colic occurs when the ureter muscle contracts to push the stones from ureter towards bladder. Appearances of red blood cells in urine, tendency for frequent urination are other kidney stones symptoms in men. As soon as the symptoms show up, it is good to get diagnosed by sensitive methods, like an X-ray or an Ultrasound. These test methods will reveal the presence, size and location of kidney stones.

Kidney Stones Symptoms in Men – Causes and Remedies

Treatment of kidney stones

Upon noticing kidney stones symptoms in men and confirming by detection methods, it is easier to treat the nascent kidney stones (< 5 mm in particle diameter) which are small in size. Simply resorting to water therapy, wherein you consume a litre or two of water to help in pushing out the small kidney stones along with the urine. One can also intravenously inject certain dissolution formulations, which will dissolve these kidney stones and flush them out. On the other hand, if the kidney stones have grown in size, then applying methods like Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy (ESWL), in which an underwater shockwave is sent to an identified location in the patient, who is made to sit in water, to help break the particles into a size small enough to pass through the urine.

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Prevention of Kidney stones

Preventing kidney stones symptoms in men is much better than depending on remedial measures. This can be mainly achieved by suitably adjusting your life styles to more traditional ways. That’s all you need to know about kidney stones symptoms.

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