Dos and Donts of Wearing the Face Masks (Face Covers)

People need to wear face masks if they do not want to spread any disease, such as a virus or when social distancing measures are arduous to maintain. A face mask is useless if one does not wear it the right way. The face masks must fit cozily against the side of people’s faces. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the entire mouth and nose of a person should be covered without any gap between the face and mask.

Dealing with Viral Diseases through Face Masks:

It is not mandatory that you will remain protected from a viral disease, such as Coronavirus by wearing a face mask. You need to stop spreading the germs if you do not want to become a victim of any viral diseases; however, the face masks, such as Bella + Canvas ST323 LIGHTWEIGHT FABRIC FACE COVER – HEATHER CVC are one of the remedies to prevent spreading the germs. The more that you can do to stop spreading the germs is to wash your hands and face while going outside the limited number of times. You can wear a fabric mask if you do not want your efforts to get your hands on a surgical or N95 mask to end in vain. The fabric mask is a great alternative to preceding masks to tackle lethal diseases.

Dos and Donts of Wearing a Face Mask:

There are some dos and donts that you need to follow while wearing a face mask if you do not want to have any misfortune.

The Dos of Wearing a Face Mask:

  • You will need to wash your hands before you put on a face mask. Why? There will be a close contact of a face mask with your mouth and nose, so you should make sure that your hands remain clean before you wear a face mask. We recommend that you wash your hands for 20 sec (s) with soap and water. If the soap and water are not available, then you should use a hand sanitizer.
  • Ensure that the face mask you are wearing fits perfectly and covers the mouth and nose. Wearing a face mask will aid you to thwart disseminating respiratory droplets in the air. So in order to remain protected, you should make sure that your face mask completely cover your face and nose.
  • You shoulddeploy the ear loops to remove a face mask. So once you get back to your home, then you should utilize the ear loops for removing it. Dispose of the used face mask in a closed bin and wash your hands too.
  • If you cannot afford to buy loads of face masks, then we suggest you, wash your masks, especially fabric masks day in day out.
  • You should only put on a face mask if you desperately need it. Do not go to the washroom or any other place where you may find germs by wearing a face mask. Only wear the face masks in public places if you do not want germs to spread throughout your body.

The Donts of Wearing a Face Mask:

  • You do not need to put on your mask on the tip of your nose while leaving your nose exposed. To ensure that the nose is securely protected, the face mask should cover your face up to the nose bridge.
  • Do not let your chin exposed. A face mask should also cover your face below your chin. If the mask exposes your chin, then you should consider buying a large one.
  • Do not leave loose gaps on the sides of a face mask. A loose mask with gaps cannot prevent the wearer from spreading the respiratory droplets. It will also be a less effective way of blocking the droplets. You should use the ear loops to tighten the mask for ensuring a snug fit.
  • Do not touch the mask or face while you have put on a face mask. If you touch your mask or face, then it is a possibility that a viral disease may reach your mouth, eyes, and nose.
  • Do not pull the mask down or under to the chin while it is in use, as it won’t help you to protect your nose and mouth from the dust particles.
  • Do not just rely on a single mask. You will need to change your face masks daily. So we recommend you to buy a pack of face masks.
  • Do not visit public places if you have not put on a face mask. Moreover, stay at a distance of around 3 feet (ft) if you do not want to become a victim of any deadly virus. Who knows: People around you may be suffering from virus?


If you do not want to get consumed by becoming a victim of viral disease, then you will need to wear a face mask; however, there are certain dos and donts that you should know while wearing a face mask. Lastly, stay safe and wear face masks to avoid spreading germs through your nose or mouth.

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