Five Health Benefits of Doing Judo
  1. Jigoro Kano originally founded Judo in 1882. In literal words, it means ‘the gentle way’ in Japanese.

Judo is significantly considered as one of the best exercises for people of all ages. In real words, it is a dynamic and tremendous combat sport for people of all ages. It makes one physically flexible thus, keeping a person fit and healthy always. The good thing about Judo is that it teaches how to attack and how to react to that attack. One must follow the proper skill, time, and technique to play Judo.

Judo does not include kicking or severe strikes. It is a rigorous and straightforward sport eligible for people of all ages. It merely involves two people who are using specific techniques and utilizing the power of balance and skills.

Five Surprising Health Benefits of Doing Judo

Here are five surprising health benefits of judo

1. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular health gets highly compromised during these days. People are busy with their household chores or business activities. Most of them are unable to spare time for the exercise required for a healthy life. As a result of this negligence, cardiovascular health gets compromised. Many people face heart issues at a young age.

Special training during judo programs helps in ramping the heart rate. This helps in building cardiovascular endurance. Therefore, Judo helps in increasing your overall heart health and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

2. Improves Your Reflexes

Reflexes help you in increasing your safety. In Judo, you have to learn how to improve your reflexes. During training, your reflexes improve when you dodge the attack of your opponent. It is essential to enhance your reaction time to avoid sudden mishaps like accidents etc.

Your reaction time increases by continuously practicing during judo training. Also, these quick reflexes can help you during different daily life activities like cooking and driving.

3. Weight loss

Obesity is becoming a common disease across the world. There is a huge need to control this life-threatening disease because it leads to many other conditions like heart issues, blood pressure, etc.

Judo increases muscle mass and tone, and it helps in improving the metabolic process that leads to a reduction in weight. Judo is an excellent form of exercise to reduce your weight and live a healthy life. It is also recommended to exercise at least two hours and thirty minutes a week to improve your overall health.

Maintaining a balanced weight also helps to increase flexibility in one’s body and remain fit all the time.

4. Blood Pressure

Sometimes your blood pressure can go up and cause disruptions in your body. High blood pressure damages the arteries and can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain your blood pressure to keep it normal all the time.

Judo requires rigorous training that leads to improved fitness. Repetitive movements in Judo adds to your cardiovascular health and helps in lowering down the blood pressure. Also, Judo helps in preventing heart attacks. Thus, keeping a person healthy and fit both mentally and physically.

5. Stability and Coordination

Stability and coordination are the two primary skills that every judo student is required to learn and master. During Judo, you need to dodge the attack of your opponent. Therefore, you should have that level of stability to avoid the attack.

In executing various kinds of moves, you need to master the art of coordination. It will help in improving your muscle mass and tone. Therefore, Judo helps you in increasing your overall health. In this, every contestant must learn how to fall first and how to attack and then respond to the attack. These are some different level skills that every judo contestant must learn and apply while playing Judo.


Judo is a game of both mental and physical power. It teaches one how to be focused on skills and various tactics, including self-defense skills. Judo is an excellent choice for kids who have focus issues. Judo helps increase the level of focus and attention and help children attain a high level of confidence and self-esteem.

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