Why Losing Weight Gets Harder With Age

Losing weight can be a problem for many individuals. While exercising and dieting is the most effective way, it can take a long time, and many people cannot maintain these habits for long. Looking for alternatives, some turns to solutions such as red light therapy devices for weight loss either at home or at the clinic.

Some may also go for surgically removing fat particles from their body. However, it may pose some difficulties and severe medical conditions.

So, how can you lose weight fast without an intense diet and workout?

Light therapy can be very helpful in this manner. In this article, we will discuss how light therapy can help you shed those extra pounds. You should follow a balanced diet and moderate workout routine for getting the best possible results.

What Contributes to Gain Weight?

Obesity is the primary cause of gaining weight for most individuals. Our body gathers energy from food to perform various bodily functions. When a person consumes more calories than they burn, these extra calories transfer into fat. Therefore, a person starts to gain weight.

Other than obesity, lack of sleep, anxiety, and depression can factor into weight gain. When a person doesn’t get enough sleep, their body goes through certain biochemical changes. These changes can trigger anxiety and depression while increasing hunger.

Often these biochemical changes can introduce stress hormones to the body. Stress hormones make people crave high-calorie foods and result in gaining weight faster.

Some prescription medications can contribute to gaining weight. Antidepressants, anti-pregnancy pills are also included in this category. Additionally, diabetes patients who take insulin regularly experience faster weight gain.

Different genetic signatures are also factors in faster weight gain. Some women also experience drastic weight gain after menopause.

Whenever you want to shed extra weight from your body, the first step is to find out the reasons for gaining weight and address them accordingly.

How Can Light Therapy Help in Reducing Weight?

Light therapy is very versatile in treating different body and health conditions. It can effectively address your weight gain problem and lose those extra fats.

In light therapy, your body is exposed to a controlled light spectrum. This spectrum is chosen by researchers from numerous researches. Generally, red and infrared light wavelengths are used as they can travel deeper into the body.

These light wavelengths energize body cells by delivering energy to mitochondria. These energized mitochondria increase cellular activity and help body cells to repair and replicate effectively. As a result, fat particles in the body break down, and the user can lose weight.

With increased cellular activity, circulation improves in the human body. Therefore, these broken fat particles can travel in different body parts and help the body to regulate proper weight. Also, light therapy improves metabolism to disintegrate fat particles from the body actively.

Light therapy helps in restoring the circadian rhythm. When the user is exposed to red or infrared light wavelengths, the body produces melatonin hormone. This hormone is responsible for inducing sleep and reducing stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. As a result, individuals can get rid of stress eating.

The most common reason for individuals to quit exercising is muscle soreness. With the help of light therapy, one can successfully get rid of joint pains and muscle soreness. It will enable you to exercise and burn extra calories actively.

Many athletes and fitness trainers are now including light therapy in pre and post-workout routines. Also, light therapy can get rid of stretch marks caused by fast weight loss. So, you can get your “hot summer body” ready to rock at pool parties.

How to Receive Light Therapy

You can have light therapy both naturally and with specialized devices. You can stay out for a few minutes in the sunlight during the early morning or before sunset to receive natural light therapy.

However, you may stay in a place where sunlight is a rare sight. Or gloomy, cloudy, foggy weather will block you from getting enough sunlight. In such cases, light therapy devices can come to your aid.

There are various types and shapes of light therapy devices in the market. You can get the device best suited for your requirements.

All you need to do is turn on the therapy device and expose yourself to the light. You can also do some light exercising or perform chores while having light therapy. Most light therapy devices recommend having twenty-minute sessions under bright light. However, we recommend starting with a ten-minute session and increasing from there.

Bottom Line

Light therapy utilizes natural light for giving you numerous health benefits. Light therapy devices can give you the option to have therapy sessions whenever you want, even at night. Moreover, these devices don’t contain any harmful UV rays, unlike natural sunlight.

With the help of light therapy, you can easily control weight gain along with other physical and mental health conditions. So, we recommend you give this therapy a chance before giving up your perfect body image.

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