Are you hoping to improve your joint health but aren’t sure how to do it?

If you’re struggling with joint pain, you’re not alone. Arthritis affects over 55 million Americans, and of those affected, over 15 million suffer from severe joint pain.

When most people think about relieving joint pain, they think about applying ice, taking OTC pain relievers, and doing acupuncture. However, following a healthy eating plan can also help you improve your joint health.

Check out this guide to learn how to create a healthy eating plan for better joint health.

  1. Incorporate More Omega-3 Fatty Acids 

Omega-3 fatty acids are an essential nutrient for human health. These nutrients are also sometimes called polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Not only do omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation in the body, but they also help lower your risk of heart disease and improve your brain function. Omega-3s are primarily found in seafood, especially in salmon, tuna, trout, sardines, halibut, mackerel, and anchovies.

When you consume these food sources, your body metabolizes them into protectins and resolvins, which lead to anti-inflammatory effects that ease soreness in the joints.

  1. Eat More Veggies 

It’s no secret that veggies are good for our health. But, many people don’t realize that certain vegetables are especially beneficial for joint health.

For example, broccoli is rich in sulforaphane and other antioxidants that fight inflammation to improve joint health. Brassica vegetables are also especially healthy for your joints, and these include arugula, kale, mustard greens, purple cabbage, and kale.

Root vegetables are also particularly healthy for joints, and these include garlic, onions, turnips, sweet potatoes, radishes, and beets.

  1. Add More Fruit to Your Diet 

Certain fruits can also help improve your joint health. For example, blueberries are high in flavonoids that help turn off the body’s inflammatory responses.

Berries, in general, are very healthy for your joints, as they’re packed with antioxidants. A recent study found that overweight people who consumed strawberries experienced lower levels of specific inflammatory markers associated with heart disease.

Cherries can also help improve your joint health, as they contain antioxidants that fight inflammation.

  1. Turmeric 

If you’re looking for a reason to eat more curry and Indian food, here it is. Turmeric is one of the best spices you can eat to improve your joint health.

This is because it contains curcumin, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory nutrient. One study found that consuming 1 gram of turmeric per day mixed with black pepper could significantly decrease certain anti-inflammatory markers in those with metabolic syndrome.

However, turmeric isn’t the only spice that’s good for your joint health. Garlic, cinnamon, ginger, and cayenne pepper are also beneficial for your joints.

You can also check out this guide to learn more about ageless joint support.

Are You Ready to Create a Healthy Eating Plan? 

Now that you’ve read this guide, it’s time for you to put together a healthy eating plan for your joints. By consuming more of the above foods, you’ll improve the health of your joints as well as the health of your entire body.

For more joint support tips, check back in with our blog.


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