How to tell Male and Female Cannabis Seeds Apart

Well, maybe you have heard about the rumors that there are some growers who are going through a breakthrough on cracking how to tell male and female cannabis seeds apart. There are also some claims that say that if you just look at the pits of the marijuana seed, its shape and size, you will be able to determine the probability of the outcome of that seed, if it becomes a male or a female marijuana plant.

If you buy cannabis seeds or kratom seeds, you will notice that there are several seed types available for purchase anytime. Plus there are hundreds if not thousands of strains out there as well.. These seed types are the regular seeds, the feminized seeds, the autoflowering cannabis seeds and the high CBD marijuana seeds.

Out of all these seed types, the feminized cannabis seeds still turns out to be the most expensive out of all of them. Read more to learn why..

Sexing Marijuana Seeds – Is it possible?

Well, one of the most challenging things to do when growing cannabis is how to sex them as this can really become tricky to do sometimes. Any grower must ensure that their plant is a female cannabis plant because only female cannabis plants can produce the potency and the yield of flowers or marijuana buds.

Marijuana buds are what is sought after in cannabis plants. This is the potent flowers filled with THC or CBD that provides the beneficial effects we are looking for. On the other hand, males do not produce buds and can also affect your female’s yields when accidental pollination occurs as your ladies will focus on seed production instead of bud production.

Cannibas and kratom have been compared. Marijuana is grown and used for relaxation while Kratom Shots are produced to provide a nice level peaceful energy.

The Myth of Sexing Marijuana Seeds – Debunked!

So, is sexing marijuana seeds possible? Well, aside from the myths and the rumors we see on the internet. No proven studies have been made nor validated results have been presented that confirms this process as a viable and consistent method. It would be great for all of humanity if this is true, but until then, we need to present facts. Furthermore, the prices of feminized seeds in the market should have already dropped if it was only that easy to identify the sex just by looking at seeds, and surely should have lost its value.

If you are planning to buy cannabis seeds, always make sure you don’t fall for this kind of marketing stunts that are claiming that they are able to identify the male and female cannabis seeds just by looking at them.

It is just not possible yet but maybe in the future, but not as of today! Feminized marijuana seeds go through a controlled process that allows genetic changes within the plant that is not that simple to perform.

When does Cannabis Plants show their Sex

You will be able to identify the differences between the sex of cannabis plants once they have grown enough and in the early stages of the vegetative phase. As marijuana strains are unique from each other, the time they will reveal themselves may also be different from each other. Their identifying differences on their reproductive organs will show even before they are ready to reproduce so you will know before then.

Marijuana plants will develop pre-flowers and this is where we will focus all our attention. These cannabis pre-flowers will appear near the nodes of the plant where the branches and the main stalk are joined together. The female pre-flowers when mature will develop some pistils coming out of their pre flower, the pistils are hair-like structures that the females use to catch the pollen from the male when fertilization occurs. On the other hand, the males will produce a ball and stick features that then develop into pollen sacs that will burst once the plant has matured and become ready for reproduction.

Why should you choose Feminized Seeds?

There are plenty of theories and myths out there saying that you can actually determine the sex of the plants by looking at the color of their shells and by observing the shape of the pits of the cannabis seed, however, non of this has been proven to be accurate or to be consistent in any way.

Instead, feminized seeds are made by doing a controlled procedure where they expose the female cannabis plant to tolerable stress that can switch them to become hermies or hermaphrodites. This is a natural reaction of cannabis plants if they grow in a harsh environment with plenty of external stress and triggers them to start their survival mode.

Hermaphrodite cannabis plants will then start to produce pollen sacs which is a male reproductive organ and in turn, use the pollens produced by it to fertilize another female in the garden, hence ending up breeding two female cannabis plants that possess zero traces of the Y chromosome in their system. As we know, the Y in the XY chromosome is responsible for producing the males.

Feminized seeds can guarantee up to 99.9% success in producing female cannabis plants. Here in Sonoma seed we only sell genuine high-quality with high germination rates cannabis strains seeds that will surely deliver! Guaranteed!

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