water succulents without drainage

Learn how to water succulents correctly. While vessels with drainage holes are favored, that doesn’t mean your succulents plant won’t grow in pots without holes.

Measuring out, how frequently to water your succulents’ plants can be tricky process. But, when it’s come to grow the succulents’ in pots and without a drainage hole then it’s usually much difficult.

To protect succulents, we need to dry their roots quickly. Succulent’s are very sensitive about water they don’t like water sit in more than one or two days, after two sits in the water they will begin to rot.

The common and recommended method to grow cacti and succulents in containers with drainage holes that doesn’t means your plants would not grow in the container without holes. It is just to secure or much carful about the plants watering and nursing the moisture levels of the soil.

Though we want to growing succulents’ plant indoors, that means we don’t need a pot with drainage holes. You can easily buy succulent online which are available in the market.

Here are some simple ways to grow succulents without drainage holes:

  1. Well-draining soil
  2. Measure it out
  3. How much water
  4. How often to water

Well-draining soil

By means of a well-draining soil is really important for containers without drainage holes because it gives more airflow. Although the water still has no space to flow out. To evaporate water easily from the pots we need to use soil which has larges particles, ideal size is (1/4″ or 6mm).

One of the biggest problems with a non-draining pot is knowing how much water you’ve poured in. Glass containers are helpful because you can see the water level as you’re pouring the water on.

Measure it out

To knowing how much water, you should pour for the non-draining pot is the biggest problem. But we can easily solve that issue with glass container because we can easily measure the water level as we pouring the plants. Second easy and simple way to measure the amount of water through a cup, which you have already at your home.

How much water

The most difficult task about watering succulents’ plant with non-drainage pot is knowing how much trickiest it needs.?

Important goal is to pour succulents with required water that wets the whole soil but without having excessive water at the bottom of the container.

Incase you pour plants with excessive water you should use a paper towels or rag to dry some of water. If you have small pot and you add much water in that, you must water off the plant otherwise it will be rotting your plant.

There are different types of soil which holds different amount of water, so you should decide according to soil. Even though you have decided amount water for the succulents, you must need to keep checking out for the watering absorption problem.

Mostly experts recommend the pouring water level is equal to the half of the volume of planter. For example, your planters have ability to holds 3 cups of soil the you will pour water on 3/2 cups of water.

You must download the Succulent Tracker apps (Android and Apple) it is been lifesaver of your succulents’ plants. These apps will help you to remind how much water have you added, when you have watered your succulents and more.

How often to water

When should you water succulent? Only when the soil is totally dry. To set schedule to pouring plants is usually not work especially in the case of non-draining pots because water doesn’t dry out as quickly as we think.

To resolve this issue, we install the Succulent Tracker app which is so helpful for the beginners especially. You don’t need to remember when you pour the water last time because this app has record with date and time you have watered the plants last time.

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