The Best Clinic for a Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Everybody, at some point in their life, faces either massive hair loss or baldness. Some might be due to diseases like alopecia. But everyone wants a quick solution. Long gone are the days when people had time and patience for home remedies. Nowadays, people prefer going for a quick and long-term solution. Which is a hair transplant.

In recent times, Istanbul has made significant progress in the fields of science and technology. There’s a massive demand for tourism and medical expertise. The Turkish government is targeting and promoting medical education to establish a number of leading clinics. Especially in the field of hair transplants. The doctors and surgeons in Turkey have shown the capability of taking medical tourism to another level.

Why Should You Get A Hair Transplant In Istanbul?

Hair transplants in Istanbul are pretty popular, because the city has done years of research on hair loss. Other than that, the prices are competitively low as compared to other countries. But the thing that attracts more people to getting hair transplants in Istanbul is the impressive success of surgeons. Many people have had amazing outcomes. Which is the reason for its well-deserved popularity.

AsMed-art meets medicine, is a well-known clinic in Istanbul. It provides you with different hair aesthetics procedures. But hair transplants are one of their specialties. They want to offer patients fuller, natural-looking hair that will last a lifetime. The hair transplant technology used is one of the most advanced scalp analyses. It is called “hair transplant FUE” (follicular unit extraction).

The Advantages of Hair Transplantation in Istanbul

Hair transplants in Istanbul help your scalp regrow the hair in the same way it did before. Which means it supports the natural growth of your hair. A hair transplant in other countries costs around £30,000, whereas a hair transplant in Istanbul will only cost you £3,000. When it comes to hair transplants, Istanbul has a lot of credibility in the hair restoration industry, so the cost is practically nothing.

The following are a few more benefits of having a hair transplant in Istanbul:

  • It changes your overall look and appearance.
  • Your hair plays an important role in your appearance, which makes you feel confident.
  • It’s a quick process, but still lasts you a long time.
  • The procedure causes no pain or discomfort.
  • You get a youthful look back, and that baldness takes away from you.

What is Hair Transplant FUE?

A hair transplant FUE (Follicular extraction unit) is a simple yet effective method for hair transplantation. In hair transplant FUE, the process is done by removing individual hair follicles from your skin and transplanting them to an area of your body where hair is thinner or missing. This way, natural growth is promoted. A hair transplant FUE can last you a lifetime. To ensure that, you must follow the proper guidelines provided by the surgeon.

At the ASMED (Art meets medicine) clinic, they will ensure to provide you with the simplest FUE treatment, with little or no pain. But long-term results are guaranteed. Local anesthesia is used before starting the hair transplant surgery. But everything is kept in consideration before giving anesthesia, such as medical history, patient age, etc.

About ASMED (Arts Meets Medicine)

Why might AsMed be your best choice for hair transplant FUE?

Because all the procedures are done under the supervision of extremely skilled surgeons, AsMed is the best choice for hair transplant in Istanbul due to his aseptic environment and consideration of various medical aspects. Turkey’s techniques are incredibly innovative. Due to its medical and technical achievements, Istanbul is the most popular and efficient hair transplantation location.

Dr. Koray Erdogan, an aspiring surgeon and the founder of AsMed (arts meets medicine), states that,

“After the introduction of FUE, the definition of hair transplantation changed. As a result, homogenization has become the new standard for hair appearance.”

At Asmed, you can have two modes of consultation.

  1. Photo consultation
  2. In-person consultation

You can opt for a photo consultation if you are not from Istanbul. Sometimes, they also have consultations outside Istanbul and Turkey. AsMed also ensures that the hair transplant done will be undetectable. Because hair transplant FUE promotes natural hair regrowth. The second surgery usually takes place 12 to 14 months after the first.

Pre and Post Surgery Guidelines

It is important to follow both pre and post-surgery guidelines to get the best results. At AsMed, you must follow the surgeons’ guidelines. It guarantees that there are no risks before, during, or after the surgery. The probability of suffering any negative consequences is minimized. Patients are asked to quit smoking one week before the surgery. Because smoking reduces blood flow to the scalp, it’s best to avoid it for at least 2 weeks after the surgery. Lastly, all patients are asked to inform their doctors about any medications they are taking prior to surgery.

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