The mystery behind the private blood tests

Almost every advance and developing country offers blood tests to their patients. These blood tests are performed depending upon their nees. The health care department of the state bears those expenses.

These tests are carried out based on some protocols. Like if someone is having any infection. If he or she is anemic, then the doctor will prescribe an ESR (Erythrocyte sedimentation rate) to determine the presence of any infection or inflammation in the body. In cases for anemia, the patient will have the detection of iron reserves in their body.

All types of blood tests are conducted simply when they are needed. Either the patient is suffering from a disease or is on the verge of death.

The mystery behind the private blood tests:

There are individuals who do not wish to abide by the government rules for blood tests. They are allowed to pay the cost of the test so that they can have it done privately. They would then be paying for their satisfaction.

The results of private blood tests are always accurate and reliable so there is no need to worry at all. Certain blood tests for infertility, cancer etc. are always paid and does not require you to pay for them.

Following is the list of private blood tests:

Home blood test for the healthy lifestyle:

For the proper functioning of liver and kidney, blood tests are just one prick away. It also determines the heart health as well as the key nutrients important for supporting the body.

Blood test for thyroid functioning:

Optimum thyroid health can be determined by keeping an eye on the thyroid functioning. Test can also be done for the thyroid nutrients as well as the antibodies.

Blood tests for testosterone:

Upon the advice of an expert doctor your dihydro testosterone in women or your adrenaline levels can be determined. These hormones are what causes the mood swings, infertility to list a few examples. That is why they are being offered privately to prevent late detection.

As majority of the government labs are often overbooked with appointments, these private blood tests are not less than a miracle in the exchange of a few pounds.

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Female hormones blood tests:

Women who are struggling with infertility or polycystic ovaries can get their estrogen and progesterone levels determined privately. If you have the facility near you, do not hesitate to get it check as after all it is predominantly all about your health. Nothing is more important than your health.

Performance tests:

Those who are following the healthy diet plan. They are also doing some exercises to shed some pounds. They can also evaluate their energy levels by getting their following blood tests done:

  • Vitamins D
  • Vitamin B12
  • Thyroid hormones (T3 and T4)
  • Calcium
  • Iron

If these essential elements come within the given ratios, then the weight loss is in a healthy way.

Blood sugar levels:

For those who are suffering from diabetes mellitus 2 can also get their glucose tolerance checked privately after every three months.

Similarly, for those who have high blood pressures can get the Lipid profile, liver function test as well as kidney function test done on regular intervals.

Covid-19 PCR tests:

Last but not the least the most demanded blood test of this century is the COVID-19 blood test. For this mainly PCR test is being performed. The swab is taken from nostrils and later the extraction of genetic material is done, and fluorescence occurs when the genes of the COVID-19 virus is detected. The automated system based on this fluorescence produces the result of being COVID-19 positive.

These COVID tests are performed to confirm that you are not the victim of this deadly virus. So, you may proceed your routine activities without being isolated.

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Importance of private blood tests:

Regardless of the cost, if we continue to have our required blood tests done on regular intervals, we would be protected from the undetected disease which may occur on later stage and could possibly be fatal. As if the disease is detected in the early stage, it may be cured with the available drugs and treatment. Rather than to reach the level of surgery or chemotherapy.

Similarly, you are constantly aware of the condition of your heart, kidney and liver.

Therefore, the cost of a single blood test would vary in prices but insurance can cover most of them. But no one can deny the fact that health is wealth.

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