Everybody wants to look their best and always be in style, but sometimes the styles change so quickly that we have a hard time keeping up! What was hot last year is definitely not this year, and we have to get with the times! This is especially true for our hair, the crown we wear when we go out in public, and it needs to look fantastic so we can feel fantastic, too!

Of course, the very best way to ensure your hair is ready to rock the new year is to report directly to the hair experts at the Matteo Capelli hair salon in Sydney! You can’t go wrong with their amazing talent ready to transform your old hairdo into the new you do!

But, before you place yourself in their capable hands, you might want to ponder some of the exciting hairstyles and trends that this bold new year has in store for you!

Chin-Length Bob This short pixieish cut is sure to turn heads! A stylish no-nonsense cut that frames the face as it just touches the jawline, a clean, cute, and playful look for the gamine girl who wants to show off her supple neck!

1970’s Birkin Bangs – The 1970s are coming back in style as usual, so put on your tie-die ‘T’ and your paisley skirts, and go get this timeless classic! Full French bangs and a collar-bone brushing length are accentuated by uneven layers that give it that free-spirited feel that’s so easy to maintain without much fuss!

Halo Cut – You will look like an angel with this modern take on the bowl cut, but you don’t have to be one! A loose, round cut that frames the face with a straight bob above the eyebrows that then arches below them to accentuate the cheekbones, the halo enhances the contours and curves of your face. The halo will make you look simply heavenly!

Polished Shag – Long, straight layers make this cut look a bit more polished than last year’s shag, while flipped ends give it a perky upgrade on a basic bob. Its ease of wear and hip style make this one a contender for the new year’s most popular cut!

Curly Pixie – The pixie cut is a long-time classic, but it’s getting a spicy upgrade this year with the addition of curly bangs that form a sweeping fringe across the forehead accentuated by high side layers to make the front volume appear more loaded. Pure pixie magic!

Round Curly Cut – The natural beauty of textured hair is accentuated by this clever cut that shapes itself around the face in a way that makes the curls look full and neat. This cut is one that will put even the most unruly hair in its place and make it look absolutely fabulous!

Considering the incredible popularity of cosmetic and hair care products, the Australian Government has taken steps to ensure their safety, so feel blessed! We know that you will look and feel your best when you walk out of the salon with one of these hot new haircuts!

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