Top 5 Tick Bite Prevention Tips That'll Keep You Safe

Do you have a tick problem?

Summer is the best time to relax and travel to a lake or beach vacation. However, while enjoying the outdoors, there are some risks that you could encounter. One of these many health risks is ticks.

Ticks are insects that latch on whatever host they can and suck off their blood. They can cause diseases like mountain spotted fever. In 2017, we saw a sudden Lyme disease.

However, the fear of these blood-sucking insects shouldn’t keep you inside all season. Here are 5 tips you can use on how you can prevent tick bites.

  1. Clean up Your Backyard

As the season starts to become warmer ticks will begin to appear in your surroundings. They thrive by hiding in overgrown and damp areas.

Before they can even populate, start cleaning your backyard immediately. It’s the best way to prevent tick bites.

Trim the grass, keep it short, and remove any fallen debris. This eliminates any hiding places for ticks. If you have kids who often play in the backyard, prioritize this step. You may need to contact an exterminator in indiana or similar in your area to fully eliminate this pest problem.

  1. Choose the Right Tick Repellant

How can you prevent tick bites when you’re outside? Simple, you can either buy natural remedies or a tick repellent.

Tick repellents are DEET-based products made for tick prevention. Hikers often buy this kind of repellant to avoid health risks you can get from ticks like Lyme disease. Most tick repellents retain effects for up to 90 minutes before you will need to reapply.

  1. Use Essential Oil

You can use essential oils to prevent tick bites. The oil’s fragrant smell is a natural repellant to ticks. Essential oil is also safe to use for your pet dog or cat.

The essential oil is easy to apply to the skin. You can get a spray-on applicant or rub it onto the skin. There are many different kinds of smells you can choose from so you won’t get tired of the same scent.

  1. Get Yourself a Pet Chicken

Another way on how to prevent tick bites is getting chickens. Chickens are easy to take care of because they’re low maintenance pets. Chickens are great animals for pest control, as they often eat worms, roaches, and ticks.

You can set these chickens free in your backyard. Have them roam around and eat all those pest bugs for you.

  1. Practice Safe Tick Removal

Practice safe tick removal in case a tick attaches itself to your skin. Get fine-tipped tweezers and clasp the tick as close to your skin.
Pull it slow and make sure the head detaches from the skin. After this step, clean the area with water and soap or alcohol.

Use These Tips for Tick Bite Prevention Today

Ticks are parasitic pests that can cause a lot of problems. Use these tips for tick bite prevention from getting ill.

We hope these tips help you in preventing infections from tick bites. Are you looking for more medical solutions? Check out our guides and set yourself up for a worry-free summer!

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