Sharp Chest Pain

Chest pain can come in many different forms, and it ranges from a dull ache to a sharp stab. There are some types of chest pain that can be described as crushing or burning. There are also cases wherein the pain actually travels to the neck as well.

Types and Causes of Chest Pain

There are many types and causes of chest pain. Chest pain can be caused by angina, heart attack, aortic dissection, pericarditis, swallowing disorders, pancreas or gallbladder problems. Some sharp chest pain causes could include also muscle and bone injuries, costochondritis, sore muscles, collapsed lung, pulmonary hypertension, pleurisy, pulmonary embolism, shingles, panic attacks, and so forth.

The most life-threatening causes of chest pain involve the lungs or heart, which means they require immediate medical attention. If the chest pain persists, feel free to consult your doctor immediately; it may not be simple heartburn.

Signs and Symptoms

The symptoms for your chest pain will depend on the cause. Symptoms will also vary from person to person. For example, if you’re suffering from heart ailments or outright heart attack, you’ll probably experience discomfort on the abdomen, jaw, or neck. You can also experience unexplained fatigue and lightheadedness.

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If it is chest pain from angina, you may experience heart attack symptoms directly after exercise or physical exertion. As for aortic dissection chest pain symptoms, they include the symptoms of a stroke, fainting, angina-type pain, and a ripping or tearing sensation. Tell your doctor immediately what the accompanying symptoms sharp chest pain are to be on the safe side.

Treatment For  Sharp Chest Pain

The treatment for chest pain typically includes drugs or medical procedures. It all depends on your doctor’s diagnosis and what type of condition is causing your chest pain. Typical sharp chest pain treatment medications include anti-anxiety drugs, antacids, clot-busting drugs, anticoagulants, artery relaxants, and nitroglycerin.

As for your surgical or medical procedures, your doctor may recommend stents (wire mesh tubes) and tiny balloons connected to a catheter to widen a blocked artery, bypass surgery, dissection repair, lung reinflation, and so forth. You may be tested first in order to help your doctor diagnose the origin of the chest pain better.

Prevention For Sharp Chest Pain

Again, preventing chest pains depend on which cause or condition you’d like to address that’s linked to the ailment. There are many solutions for sharp chest pain prevention. For instance, in order to prevent heart attack chest pains, you must make lifestyle changes, avoid smoking, maintain a healthy weight with an equally healthy diet, drink alcohol moderately, and exercise regularly.

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