N95 Mask

Air pollution is the existence of airborne substances in the air, which are detrimental to human health and cause harm to the environment, living organisms, or affect the atmospheric climate. There are various kinds of air polluting substances, including chemical substances, gases, and organic molecules. In this developing world, there is a great deal of air pollution, with each country struggling to control the number of substances entering their controlled environments. Because of this, many immense changes in the way the industries are regulated, leading to increased air pollution levels. And due to this, It is getting quite difficult for people to breathe nowadays as air pollution is increasing day by day and It can degrade overall health and affect some organs like the Lungs and Heart any minute. So the question Remains what can a common person do to combat these types of problems. Some of our people live in heavily crowded areas that have a low air quality index. So in this article, we will discuss the various types of masks you can consider when wandering in heavily crowded areas and how they can help your body for overall well-being and which is the best among them.

N95 and N99 Mask:

Two different types of masks that can provide you with an ample amount of protection when combating air pollution, which is N95 and N99 Mask. N95 Mask provides 95% protection from all the germs, microbes, dust, and other harmful substances as it has 95 in its name only. N99 Mask offers a little more protection of 96% from all the mini -microbes around your area. We will now move forward in this article and discuss some of the advantages of these masks and what you should consider among them according to your need.

Advantages of N95 and N99 Masks

N95 Mask

  • Provides Proper Air filtration- Air filtration is one of the oldest methods to keep the air a bit cleaner. and In the past, we’ve had no choice but to deal with dust particles that came our way. The particles could either get trapped in the filter or get released into the air. Some scientists theorize that the particles that become trapped in filters eventually end up inside our bodies through skin absorption. Others believe that the particles end up on our faces when we breathe out. Either way, the idea is still a bit foggy.
  • Efficient Design- N95 AND N99 both have a very efficient design. It captures dust particles that come into contact with the filter. Because of this, the user is not affected by the discomfort that people usually feel when dust particles get stuck in their nose and throat. With the use of N95 Mask cleaner, you are sure to enjoy clean air without any discomforts.
  • Price- As far as the cost is concerned, N95 Mask is cheaper than N99 Mask. However, it depends on the brand. Each brand has its price. So, it will all depend on your personal preference.

Difference Between N95 and N99 Mask

N95 Mask

There are two differences between the N95 and N99 masks apart from the price.

  1. Filtration percentage
  2. Exhalation resistance


  1. Air Filtration Percentage-  N95 and N99 offer an ample amount of protection from germs and small microbes but N95 Mask provides 95% protection to us whereas N99 Mask  offers to filter 99% of microbes which is 4% extra protection to be precise.
  2. Exhalation Resistance-  As we discussed above, N99 offers much more air filtration, but because of this, it provides a very little exhalation resistance for the user than N95 Mask. N95 Mask also offers tight-fitting but also offers space for the user to breathe easily, which is very important. And if you suffer from these diseases that are listed below, you can easily choose N95 over N99

Chronic Asthma


Heart-related issues

Conclusion: What to Choose N95 or N99 MAsk

The reason why N95 Mask is a better option for people looking for clean air in their homes lies in the technology behind the filter. In the N95 Mask filter, particles of dust, mould, and other harmful elements are trapped inside a special filter that works by trapping them inside. The result is that N95 reduces or eliminates most visible airborne particles from entering the air of the user and if you live in an area where the Air quality index is low then you should also consider N95 masks because of the breathing resistance it provides which can help the user to wear it for a longer period.

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