10 businesses that have grown during the pandemic

Though the last year has seemed bleak for businesses, it is great to look at companies that have grown during the pandemic. The pharmaceutical sector in particular has seen a massive growth in sales. The invention of pioneering measures, including the Healgen Antigen test, has kept many of us safe during this scary time. It is inspirational to see growth during a global crisis, especially when many businesses have had to close their doors.

Read on to discover ten industries that have thrived during the pandemic.


Perhaps the most obvious business to see growth, Amazon has dominated the e-commerce market. With everyone confined to their homes, and most physical shops closed, Amazon has been the best option to buy products. According to Forbes, Amazon is now worth $1.49 trillion.

Takeaway and delivery companies

Companies such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat have seen exponential growth over the past year, particularly as eating out was impossible. Individual takeaways, pubs and restaurants have also seen steady growth as they offer home deliveries.

Fitness businesses

As gyms closed across the country, people have resorted to buying home fitness equipment to maintain their fitness levels. Not only that, but individual companies have found success in promoting their online fitness classes, training apps or fitness clothing.

Online entertainment

Entertainment giant Netflix has seen a sharp increase in their number of subscriptions and has allowed people to stay connected and carry out ‘Netflix and Chill’ at home through their Netflix Party service. However, it isn’t just Netflix that has seen success. A new form of gaming website such as Houseparty or Bunch has seen a massive boom in popularity as people find new ways to socialise online.

 Gaming companies

Consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox have seen a large increase in sales, as people look for entertainment from home. The new video game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” saw a monumental 31.8 million sales since its launch. Boardgame sales have also risen, as families spend more time at home together.


The video communications company has become a frontrunner during the pandemic, with companies and individuals using the service to hold online meetings when in-person gatherings became impossible. 


The supermarket industry has seen substantial growth during the pandemic for a number of reasons.  Supermarkets were classed as an essential business and so remained open during lockdowns. Furthermore, the online grocery market has boomed, with people obtaining deliveries from the comfort of their homes. Restaurant closure also forced many to buy their own groceries.

Dating apps

As singletons have been unable to meet a potential partner organically, dating apps such as tinder, bumble and grindr have seen substantial growth during the pandemic. Many who would never have previously made a dating profile now have no other choice. According to eMarketer, Tinder has seen an 18.4% increase in users since 2019.

E-Learning resources

The boredom of lockdown inspired many to take up a new skill and invest in their learning. This includes learning a language, which saw popular app Duolingo have an 148% increase in sign-ups during March 2020 alone. Other companies, including virtual workshop platforms such as Masterclass, have seen a surge in subscriptions. The ease of taking classes at home means that e-learning will most likely see continued success, even after the pandemic ends.


Billions of dollars have been spent developing vaccines to protect people from Covid-19 and even more will be spent to continue developing infectious disease prevention techniques. This includes rapid testing measures, and innovative products such as the Healgen Antigen test now provide more safety measures for individuals and companies.

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