The surroundings are slowly turning red, yellow, and rustic as the fall season begins. September sees families forget about outdoor dinners, lunches, and BBQ nights and opt to head to their well-liked diners to enjoy supper instead.

Since there will be a surge of customers from the start of the fall season, it is perfect for restaurant businesses to employ technology. 

Technology like restaurant digital QR code menu software is an effective tool that can help restaurants to streamline their services during the hectic business schedule of September. 

The restaurant digital QR code menu software allows you to oversee the operations of their businesses in the account’s dashboard. It also enables restaurant owners to generate a QR code menu for contactless and cashless transactions. 

Using QR code menu software can assist you in optimizing your operations. Here are some restaurant marketing ideas to help you increase your sales.

  1. Serve up the best double cheeseburgers

September is the month to celebrate the invention of double cheeseburgers. To honor the sumptuous meal of a double cheeseburger, you can offer this menu item in your interactive QR code menu as such. 

For instance, you can let your customers personalize their double cheeseburger to their tastes. They can choose the condiments, the dressing, the type of bun, the cheese, and other ingredients that go well with their recipe.

A double cheeseburger is an all-time American favorite. It is just right to include this momentous meal in the festivals of food in the restaurant industry. Thus, it is perfect for celebrating the blast of flavors of a double cheeseburger during the fall season.

  1. Publicize the festivities in your restaurant online

Use the social media platform to advertise the activities you have prepared for your target customers. 

Marketing strategies like social media advertising will allow you to extend your branding in the digital market. For instance, you can create separate accounts of your restaurant on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok. 

Extending your brand in the online market enables you to increase your customer engagement. For instance, you can post a food image on your Facebook account and include a caption about the vouchers you have in store for them. 

You can also post the behind-the-scenes video of your kitchen staff on your Instagram account and captivate the hearts of your target customers. There are different strategies you can do to extend your branding in the digital market. Making social media accounts will allow you to do more to engage with customers.

  1. Invite customers to a fall-themed restaurant dinner

Send emails to your target audience inviting them to dine on a delectable supper prepared with your restaurant’s most sumptuous fall-themed delicacies.

You can gather your customers’ contact information by using the restaurant’s digital QR code menu software. You can invite your target niche using the contact information provided.

Furthermore, you can host an autumn-themed dinner, such as a wine tasting event or a meal featuring in-season dishes. In addition, you may suggest a menu with an apple, cinnamon, and pumpkin theme in advance to satisfy your guests’ needs.

  1. Upgrade your interiors for the fall season

Don’t leave all the season’s fun for your social media, menu, and online ordering page designs. You can also decorate your interiors with the colors of autumn and make it enticing and attractive so customers will stop by at your restaurant.

  1. Update your interactive menu

Update your interactive menu so customers can view additional and new meal options for the upcoming fall season. You can provide the delicacies accessible in a seasonal category you create.

Also, offer a seasonal fruits like apple and cinnamon pie, or you can offer customers dishes made with pumpkin. There are many recipes available for the fall; it is up to you to decide how you can include these food items in your menu.

Final thoughts

Create some original marketing strategies for September. Don’t forget to employ a restaurant digital QR code menu software for a smooth operation.

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