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Hair Transplant is a surgical technique that moves hair from the back and sides of the head to areas where hair has begun to thin. The surgeon removes tiny patches of skin, each containing one to several hairs, from the back or side of your scalp.

These hairs are then divided into as many as 50 tiny grafts and transplanted into multiple tiny cuts made in the recipient area. The procedure can take 3 to 10 hours, depending on how many hair follicles are transplanted. See what to expect on this page:

How Painful is Hair Transplant, and what are the Side Effects?

Although some people describe it as feeling like they got punched or slapped in the scalp, others don’t feel much at all. Most patients who get hair transplant in Singapore say that their heads hurt afterward, but painkillers can help relieve this discomfort.

Swelling of the face and eyes may occur for several days after surgery. If your eyelids swell shut while you’re sleeping, ask your doctor about eye drops that will keep the lids lubricated so you can open them again until the swelling subsides. Some patients experience nausea, which can be brought on by the anesthesia.

Although it’s quite rare, some patients experience bleeding at the scalp during or after surgery.  Some patients also complain of headaches after surgery, but this is more likely due to anxiety than anything else since they disappear as soon as you start feeling better.

Other less common side effects include infection and numbness in the operated area, which usually resolves within a few months. Although hair transplants are generally considered a very safe procedure when performed by an experienced surgeon, there have been reports of permanent scarring and disfigurement, especially if they’re done by a doctor who’s not experienced in the area. So, just to be safe, ensure your aesthetic doctor is not just skilled but also board-certified for cosmetic treatments.

What is the Recovery Time like after a Hair Transplant Surgery?

The first thing you should expect during your recovery period after the hair transplant in Singapore is some discomfort. Your scalp might itch, and you’ll probably feel as if anything touching it gives you a head rush or renders you nauseous. Try to avoid scratching your head at all costs, as this could rip skin grafts out from your scalp.

In general, most people can return to work within one week of the surgery, although strenuous activities should be avoided for a full two weeks. You must protect your head from sunlight and wear a hat for at least six months after hair transplant surgery.

Even though it will be hard to resist touching your head, you shouldn’t do it too often as the transplanted grafts are still very vulnerable at this time and could fall off if you pull or twist them before they root themselves into your scalp. The stitches that hold the grafted hair shafts in place beneath your skin must dissolve on their own, which takes about three weeks.

How much does a Hair Transplant Cost in Singapore, and is it Covered by Insurance?

Hair transplant price in Singapore is around $8,000 to $12,000 for 1,500 to 3,000 grafts. This makes it one of the most affordable hair transplants in Singapore compared with other countries like the USA (average price of over 11,000USD) and Australia etc.

Most insurance companies will not cover costs associated with hair transplants since they are considered elective surgeries. Discuss with your plastic surgeon to know the applicable plans for your treatment.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Hair Transplant Surgery, and who Should Avoid it Altogether?

Losing your hair isn’t really a nice thing, but it’s important that you are a good candidate for a hair transplant before you go ahead with it. That said, you’re probably ideal for this procedure if:

  • You are a man or woman suffering from baldness or mild-to-moderate hair loss that occurs all over the scalp: Knowledgeable aesthetic doctors will only create a hairline that’s suited for you and your needs.
  • You’re 25 years+: The hair follicles in teenagers and young adults are still strong, which makes them great candidates. People under the age of 25 are generally not advised to have the treatments because at this age, your hair loss pattern could still be yet to be determined.
  • Your donor area (the back of your head) is free from any skin infections like moles, cysts, scars, or warts: This is because the grafted hairs will be taken from this area where it’s most abundant. Transplanting these hairs to a bald scalp might result in a very patchy appearance if not done carefully.
  • You’re not currently undergoing any form of treatment that might affect your fertility or sexual health: This includes hormonal treatments, oral medications, and even chemotherapy.
  • You aren’t in the late stages of male pattern baldness (alopecia areata) when all hope is lost to regrow hair in the affected area. For example, if 90% of your scalp is covered in thinning or bald patches, it’s probably too late to get a hair transplant since it will be hard for aesthetic doctors to create an illusion of thicker hair coverage on your head.
  • You may also not be a good candidate if you live with a chronic medical condition such as uncontrolled diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension because you’re already suffering from poor circulation and stiffness in the body due to the ailments. As such, putting you under any stress might make things worse.


Hair transplant in Singapore is not actually as painful or scary as one may think it is! This procedure might be expensive, but if you’re serious about getting your dream head of thick, beautiful hair back, then there’s no other option that beats this method in the long run.

So if you are looking to get weighty answers on how painful is a hair transplant? Then there was an attempt to answer all those questions and provide the best information possible on the subject. Hope this article helps you out with your search for ‘how painful is a hair transplant.’

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