Penis Health

Penis performs 3 essential functions in the body: urination, sex, fluid balance. Its added job of fertility is also another one of the important tasks dispensed by it. It is therefore vital for men to have sufficient know-how into how to cater to the penile health.

Not only is the health of the penis affected by conditions that directly impact it, but any ailments of it can also be caused by health conditions otherwise. For example, diabetes, hypertension may manifest in the form of impaired penile health.

Moreover, penis health is also affected by mental and psychological factors as well.  Stress and anxiety lead to the sexual impairment, as they cause erectile dysfunction.

Hence, men should be vigilant about the state of affairs in their nether regions. Any issues should be disclosed to Sexologist in Lahore as penis health has a close connection with your wellbeing as well.

Factors Influencing Penile Health

There are many variants that determine the functionality and health of the penis. These include


As we age, health in general declines due to the degradation of the cells of the body, and penis is no exception. Old age brings the very common issue of erectile dysfunction. Changing hormone levels, decreased sensitivity of the penis and diseases like hypertension, prostate issues compound the condition, thereby increasing the propensity towards ED.


Testosterone is an important male hormone that determines the functionality of the penis in the sexual context that is. Low testosterone levels or imbalance in the hormone level can also then lead to impotence.


Hygiene is always important, regardless of the gender. If penis is not cleaned properly, smegma can buildup on the skin of the penis. It is an oily and irritating substance that can lead to complications like balanitis, in which penis head becomes inflamed and red.

Medicines and Injury

Certain medications can impair the sexual function of penis. These may be drugs prescribed for physical or mental ailments. Many a times, problems with the pelvic region like diseases of the prostate or cancer in the region can also lead to ED.

Similarly, injury directly affecting the penis or pelvic region, or that impacting the spinal cord also can lead to problems with penis.

Not Practicing Safe Sex

STIs are diseases that are transmitted due to sexual contact with infected person. This can easily be avoided if condoms are used for sex. Many people do not use them and rely instead on other contraceptives. However, condom is the only birth control that also protects against STIs and should always be made use of, especially when one is not in monogamous relationship.

Moreover, rough (and ergo unsafe sex) can also endanger penis. Pulling at the foreskin, bending erect penis are some of the things that can go wrong.

Working towards a Healthy Penis

Our body always needs care for optimal functionality. Following are things you can do to work towards healthy penis.

Healthy Diet

You might not realize it, but what you eat has a direct impact on the health of your penis. Unwise dietary choices lead to problems like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity, all of which contribute towards impaired sexual health.

Healthy diet full of natural fruits and vegetables not only protect against these diseases, but also ensures health and vitality of the penis. Foods like spinach and avocado are especially great; they help boost testosterone levels and thus fertility as well.


Weight management is imperative for keeping diseases that impair sexual health at bay. Moreover, exercise is also helpful for reducing stress levels in the body. Stress is amongst one of the causes of impotence; thus, it is important to mitigate it.

Pelvic Floor Exercise

Having a strong pelvic floor is important to protect against incontinence and also improve sexual functionality. These exercises are also useful against erectile dysfunction as well.

Sufficient Shuteye

Having adequate sleep is important for your sexual functionality. Lack of quality shuteye causes hormonal issues in the body. It also endangers health otherwise, causing conditions like heart disease, further aggravating the sexual impairment.


Tight clothing is generally not too great for your penis. It leads to friction that can cause penis to become less sensitive, causing issues getting an erection. Therefore, opt for loose clothing and underwear instead.


Penis also needs to be washed, just like the rest of the body, albeit gently. Harsh soaps and cleaning action can hurt and harm the delicate skin of the genitals. Do not use scented products, as they can irritate the skin.

Be sure that you wash properly in the groin, as sweat tends to pool there, and it is important to clean properly, lest bacteria gets accumulated in the region. Try washing every time you shower; there is no reason why penis should only be cleaned once in a blue moon.

Moreover, as you clean, make the habit of observing the skin for signs of any warts, blisters, discharge that’s not normal etc. These can be indication of issues like STIs, or similar anomalies that require a visit to the Best Sexologist in Karachi. Remember, timely medical aid is important for improving prognosis.

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