Symptoms and Treatment for Kidney Stones in Women


Kidney stone symptoms in women are unique to their physiological conditions. A pain in the lower abdomen during their menstruation, which persists even after the menstrual cycle, is the first indication. Other indicators, like pain during urination due to urinary tract infection, blood in urine, which may be visible or invisible, (only tests may show the presence of red blood cells in urine), dull and constant pain, nausea, etc., are markers for the kidney stone symptoms in women. Other outward exhibitions of this serious kidney stone disease are inflammation, blockages, fever and, in extreme cases, death too. So proper testing for diagnosing the problem, taking mitigating measures like appropriate treatment and thereafter modifying the life style are all important steps in overcoming this problem.

Symptoms of Kidney stones

Kidney stone symptoms in women emanate from kidney stones caused by the buildup of Calcium and Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate called Struvite stones.  This type of kidney stone, unique to women, constitutes 10-15% of people with different types of kidney stone problems and is caused by the repeated infections of the urinary tract. Cystine stones, caused by the build up cystine in the system, constitute 1% of all types of kidney stones, and occur mainly in women, though not specifically.Sudden unexplained eruption of kidney stone symptoms in women suggests the presence of a kidney stone problem, requiring immediate attention.

Treatment of Kidney stones

It is better to start the treatment as soon as kidney stone symptoms in women are noticed, since the stones, when they are smaller (5 mm diameter particles) in size, can be removed by non-invasive techniques. Drinking a good amount of water and keeping physically active will help in flushing out these small stones through urination. If this does not work, then oral administration of certain formulations capable of dissolving the Struvite stones is a preferred method, called the uriflow treatment method.

Prevention from kidney stones

Gamma irradiation exposure to the selected part of the kidney-urinary system, where the stones are lodged in the kidneys, urethra or bladder, is also employed for aiding the dissolution method. Advanced instrumental methods like Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy, wherein a shockwave from an external source is sent through water to the affected part and the kidney stone is pulverized, can also be used.

Kidney stone symptoms in women are unique and earlier the treatment is started the better will be the health of women, since this allows them to get rid of the problem by simpler, less painful methods.

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