Top 9 Celebrity Diet Plans That Are Actually Healthy

Just like us, celebrities are also human beings who can get fat. But they follow some very unique diet plans to stay healthy and in shape. You may find some of these plans very strange, but they actually work and are healthy. Moreover, they do not it alone; with the help of a specialist, they maintain their body for the red carpet.

The diet plans of celebrities are no secret; they share it in interviews. This gives us a chance to learn from them or maybe steal one or two ideas to stay fit. In this article, we have a list of 9 of the coolest celebrity diets that are healthy and easy to follow. Check them out!

1- Victoria Beckham: The Alkaline Diet

For staying healthy, you can try the diet followed by Victoria Beckham. The basic idea behind this diet plan is to avoid all those food items that are acidic and replace them with alkaline. In this diet, there is very little quantity of meat and no processed foods. According to her, this diet plan does wonder for her. Moreover, she has been consistently following it to maintain the figure.

2- Jennifer Lopez: Fast Metabolism Diet

If you wonder how Jennifer in her 40s looks so hot and sexy, the secret is in her special diet plan. She keeps up with her regular exercises and diet to stay fit. Her nutritionist, Haylie Pomroy, invented what is known as the “fast metabolism diet.” Following this diet, she eats alternative foods that speed up the metabolism.

In this diet, you have to divide your foods, i.e., two days you can eat fruits and carbohydrates while on the next two days eat vegetables and protein. There is no alcohol in the diet. Some celebrities don’t drink alcohol, and Jennifer is one of them. As alcohol greatly affects the metabolism system, she prefers to take just a sip of it.

3- Kate Hudson: High Alkaline Diet

You all secretly want to know about what keeps Kate so fit even after giving birth to a baby, right? Well, do not worry; we have brought the answers for you. To stay in good shape, she is following a high alkaline diet. She has said good-bye to gluten, sugary foods, and meat.

Moreover, she is very precise about her daily routine. By starting her day from a cup of coffee, she goes jogging, drinks her proteins shake. She eats five times, but most vegetables and healthy snacks.

4- Alicia Silverstone: Vegetarian Diet

Alicia Silverstone knows a lot about body shaming. Not many people know that she is a vegetarian. And see how amazing she looks. Moreover, she eats a lot of vegetables and greens: her favorite foods are kale and Swiss chard. She swears that only these products make her look so great. Worth a try!

5- Khloe Kardashian: Lactose-Free Diet

Khole became depressed due to her divorce. However, this superwoman pulled herself together and paid attention to her health. Through healthy eating habits and regular exercises, she lost extra pounds. Now just look at her, she looks amazing more than ever.

Moreover, the diet she follows does not involve any kind of dairy product. It might sound shocking to some people, but she prefers to cook her own food.  When she wrote her book, she shared her habits and tips with the world.

6- Sam Smith: Sugar-Free Diet

He lost weight by reading Amelia Freer’s Eat. Nourish. Glow. In this book by the famous British nutritionist, she writes that you need to stop tormenting yourself with diets and counting calories. And learn to eat right, cook on your own, and give up sugar.

You can eat organic vegetables, lean protein (fish or chicken), citrus fruits, and herbs. The perfect breakfast combo is avocado and eggs. Sounds great!

7- Jennifer Aniston: The Zone Diet

The nutritionist and scientist Dr. Barry Sears invented this diet plan, which is followed by many top celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore. Both actresses say they are in love with the Zone Diet. Jennifer is such a fan of this diet that it became known as the “Jennifer Aniston Diet.” According to it, 40% of the daily calorie intake comes from carbohydrates, 30% from proteins, and 30% from fats.

The secret is in a balanced combination of amino acids and carbohydrates. It works amazingly well for those who cannot control their appetite. If you want to follow Jennifer’s example, make sure you can eat three meals a day and snack twice a day.

8- Megan Fox: The Five-Factor Diet

The star trainer Harley Pasternak made this diet plan “The five-factor,” which the famous actress Megan Fox follows. As the name shows, in this diet, a person has to eat five meals a day and they can be made in 5 minutes. Sounds easy, right? Each meal contains proteins, complex carbohydrates, fiber, and healthy fats, and the fifth component of the diet is sugar-free drinks.

Another celebrity following this diet is Eva Mendes. She mentioned in a recent interview how she gave up substance abuse by joining a rehab center. The actress told how difficult it was for her when she was undergoing a withdrawal process from alcohol. After sobering up, she adopted the five-factor diet plan.

9- Drew Barrymore: Beauty Detox

The special diet of Drew Barrymore not only helped her in losing excess weight but also helped her to become prettier. She gained a lot of weight when she got pregnant with her first baby. However, the nutritionist Kimberly helped Drew lose weight. This is not a strict diet all you have to do is eat natural foods in the right quantity.


These famous celebrities follow different diet plans that suit them the best. We can take some cool and healthy ideas from their diet plans and enjoy good health!

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